Network Marketing Tip – Warm Market Strategy

This is going to be a network marketing tip on developing an effective warm market strategy which hopefully will help you in your network marketing recruiting as a whole. I was getting ready to do a tutorial on working your network marketing warm market and I realized that most people don’t know how to recognize who their warm market is.

Who Is Your Warm Market?

I think identifying your warm market may be the hardest thing for people to understand even though it is probably the easiest to recognize. When you first start out in your network marketing enterprise, you are told to make a list and of course on this list you include your friends and family, most people consider this their warm market. I hate to say this but I have a lot of people I am friendly that are not part of my warm market and I come from a huge family and I don’t even talk to most of my relatives.

If it is not my friends and family, then who is in my warm market? There are probably only 5-10 people in your warm market, these are your very closest confidants, people you would call if your car broke down on a cold foggy night and you know they would come and pick you up. These very special people are not the people you want to be pitching your business to but they will be pretty upset it they were unaware of your opportunity, especially if you are making boat loads of money.

So How Do You Present To Your Warm Market?

This is a technique I was told about a while back and I have heard it from other of network marketing’s best recruiters. I’ve used this strategy and it really works great. Your true warm market will know you are involved with this “network marketing thing”, knowing that works to your advantage.

The best thing to do is to call your friend and say something to the effect, “Hey Jim, could I asked you for your help with something?” Jim will say yes because he wants to help out his friend. You then say “You know I have been involved with network marketing, I just got into this company and I have put together a presentation, (or I want you to look at a presentation) that I will be showing to people, could you watch it and then ask me as many questions as you can think of. I want to be prepared to answer as many questions people may have that I haven’t thought of. I know if anyone is going to ask intelligent, challenging questions, it’s going to be you.”

Jim will say yes and you show him the presentation. After the presentation, you ask Jim if there are any questions he has about the company. Take notes and answer as many questions as you can. After the question and answer session, ask Jim what he “Liked” about the presentation, whatever he liked about it, you agree with Jim and tell him something like “yeah, isn’t that great” or “I liked that too”.

The None Pitch, Pitch.

You don’t want Jim to feel he was given a pitch, unless he shows a genuine interest about getting into you business, and continues to pursue the issue, start talking about things you would normally talk about, sports, whatever. When you are getting ready to say your goodbye’s, thank Jim for all his help and then leave the door open, say something along the lines of “Thanks for all your help Jim, if you there are any other question you can think of, I would appreciate it if you could let me know, Thanks again for all your help.”

That’s it, you didn’t pitch your friend Jim and he felt like he helped. Because Jim was thinking of questions to ask you, these were probably the objections he would have about the business, if you were able to answer those objection to his satisfaction then that’s perfect. The great thing about using this approach on your warm market is, you are off the hook and they can’t ever be upset because they we not exposed to opportunity. When you are doing great at your business, they will know what you are doing, at some point they will even want to join you and you will have never pitched them.

5 Network Marketing Tips for Success

You have probably heard a lot of horror stories about network marketing. You may have even had someone try to talk you out of it based on something they heard or read by someone they don’t even know. Truth be told, there are a lot of unhappy people, but it is important to understand that the majority of individuals who have an unfavorable experience expected to get rich over night without even trying. You can’t just close your eyes and pick an opportunity off a list and hope people come to you to buy the product, or become part of your team. You have to put forth a little effort, and at least take the time to pick the right opportunity.

Network Marketing Tips

  1. Be Choosy – The most important decision you will make is regarding the company you choose to get involved with. A well-established name may be tempting, but if their products are already fading in popularity then you will waste your time and never get anywhere. You also don’t want to be forced to invest a ton of money down, nor should you be required to order a large amount of product every month. There are golden opportunities out there; you just need to find them.
  2. Never Stop Learning – There is always something new to learn in this business. It could be about the product, your target audience, recruiting tips, marketing ideas, or a multitude of other topics. The day you think you know everything is when you will fail. Times are constantly changing; you need to keep up with them, or you will get left behind.
  3. Create a Schedule – One of the most crucial Network Marketing Tips is to create a work schedule for yourself. This is especially important if you are working on your business full-time. When you don’t have a time clock to punch, it is easy to put off work for another day. Unfortunately, this often becomes a habit. Create a work schedule, and stick to it.
  4. Be Selective – It can be tempting to try to recruit every person you know and meet when you first get started. You are excited, and you think everyone should just jump onboard with you. All this does is waste a lot of your valuable time, and frustrate others. You don’t want folks onboard who could care less; you want those who really want to be successful. If you can find an MLM opportunity that lets you recruit people to your team from around the world using social media, this is even better.
  5. Don’t Take it Personal – When people turn you down. They are not actually saying no to you, but rather your product or opportunity. If you take this personal, you will get discouraged. Others can pick up on frustration and desperation, so stay positive.

Network Marketing Tips – 3 Pitfalls Not to Fall Into When Just Getting Started

As great of an industry network marketing is, when it comes to a new person getting started just like anything it can be confusing to get off to a successful start unless you have a few things in place. The most important thing that you must have is good upline and team leadership. These necessary things are not always provided to people when they first get into this business because sometimes the person that brings you in the business can be a new representative themselves so their just getting their feet wet like you are.

In this article I will be giving advise to people that are in this business for the first time and helping others that may have been in for a while and I’ll be talking about how not to get caught up in some of the pitfalls that are easy for an inexperienced person to fall into. These network marketing tips should be a valuable resource in pointing them in the right direction.

One of the first pitfalls that representatives falls into is that this is a get rich quick scheme, when they go to the weekly meetings and hear some of the success stories of how people are seeing success within their first few weeks and they expect the same level of success for themselves. These success stories do happen but not everyone can or should expect this level of success. This is a true business and like anything else it takes time to build, this should be the mind set of a new person coming into the business.

Another pitfall that representatives should be on the lookout for and not fall into is that they feel that this is not a real business. I say this because once a new person is in for a few week or months and they have experienced the level of rejection that they have because of the many negative responses that they have received, they don’t take the business as seriously as they should. They start to feel that because the business has a low start up cost that the business is not a real business, they start treating it as a hobby. To combat this they must set up a strict schedule on when they are going do the business and focus on business building activities on a daily basis.

Another network marketing tip that I want to discuss is that there is only one way of doing this business. Most people come in this business and follow the system that is in place by their upline leaders and for the most part this way of doing business does work and it leads to success for many of the representatives but for others it just doesn’t fit them personally. So I want to say that there are many ways to do this business and they should research and find a few strategies they can use to best fit their personality. Now don’t get me wrong there is always going to be some discomfort involved, they are just going to have to learn how to get out of their comfort zone and get comfortable with learning how to build a strong and profitable network marketing business.

This is a fun and exciting industry to be in, the rewards can be beyond your wildest dreams so hopefully these tips will assist you on your successful journey to building a big business for yourself. To find out what marketing strategies and methods that I use to build my business, follow the link below, input your information and enjoy the free training on the next page.