Network Marketing Tips – 3 Tips Increasing Your Likeability Factor

Very few network marketing tips will help you more than the one you’re about to get.

Here’s the thing…in network marketing, the affect that you have on people, and you’re ability to get them to like you instantly can make you insane amounts of money, and build your downline in a huge way.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to get people to like you more – and to like you fast – then these network marketing tips are going to show you just that.

Network Marketing Tips to Get More People to Like You

So how do you get people who you’ve never actually met to actually have a great liking for you and want to get to know you better?

It’s really not all that hard. People do tend to make it harder than it needs to be. But the fact is that getting your network marketing prospects to really like you is one of the fastest ways to achieve massive success.

I’m going to give you 3 ways that you can start using today to increase your likeability factor.

#1: Smile… Man there’s no faster way to win someone’s heart than to shoot them a genuine heartfelt smile. Of course people smile all the time, but it’s not the type of smile that actually makes friends. It’s merely the type of smile that keeps enemies at bay.

A true smile comes from the heart, and envelopes the entire face including the eyes. The thing about it, the best thing, is that it creates an instant bond with people. When people get a smile like that from you they feel welcomed, and they feel accepted. That’s a great feeling to give someone in a world where coldness and guarded body language seems to be the norm.

#2: Firm Handshake… Of course you’ve always been told to give a firm handshake, but have you ever shook someone’s hand and realized that you were giving a flimsy weak handshake.

You probably also noticed that the person wasn’t all that responsive to you right? That’s because when you shake someone’s hand you’re a) showing them that you’re confident in yourself, and b) You’re showing them that you’re excited to be with them.

As well, a lot of energy resonates through touch, whether you realize it or not. When you shake hands weakly, you’re letting the person know that you really don’t care about their presence. Don’t do that. Shake their hand and let them know you’re glad to see them.

#3: Posture… Good posture is the greatest indication of confidence that there is. Having good posture tells people that you’re comfortable with who you are, and that you’re confident. When someone has good confident posture, it actually lifts the spirits of those around them. It’s one of the best network marketing tips that you can adhere to.

You need to keep your head up, shoulders back, and look into people’s eyes when you greet them and when you speak to them. Start paying attention to your own posture and just watch how others react to you and treat you.

These are the sort of network marketing tips that can change not only your business, but your life forever.

Network Marketing Tip – How Looking For New Team Members Who Have Failed Can Make You Successful

Failure is not a word that many people like to be associated with but that’s because we have been misled to believe it refers to an unsuccessful outcome when we have tried our hand at something. In effect true failure only occurs when we try to achieve something, don’t succeed then give up or learn nothing from the experience.

To be successful at anything requires patience, commitment and a lot of failure. You will find endless examples of highly successful people including authors, inventors and sportsman who tell stories of the countless unsuccessful attempts they made before they were successful. The problem for many people is they don’t know about or choose not to believe that there were failed attempts before glory. To them it appears as if success was achieved overnight. I have never met  or heard of any truly successful person who did not fail many times before they succeeded.

Why does one person give up after not being successful and another not? Primarily it depends on how important achieving an outcome is and secondly whether you have the mindset to push through hardships believing that they will be successful at some point.

When we take on new team members, rather than look for people who assure us they will be successful in no time at all, it would be far more beneficial if we found people who we know are not afraid to fail, who have failed at something previously and gone on to become successful. This way we will have an idea that if they fail at certain aspects of the business they won’t just give up.  

A network marketing tip worth remembering is to find out about how a possible prospect perceives failure before you sign them up.  Ask them a question like. ‘Think back to a time when you were not successful at something. Why do you think you weren’t  successful and what lesson did you take from the experience?’ Listen carefully to their answer. Depending on what they say, you may want them to give you some more examples. The more times they have put themselves ‘out there’, failed and got up and tried again until they have succeeded, the better chance they will have of being successful in business.

Success is not the avoidance of failure but whether when it comes your way you see past it, learn from it and choose to persevere. Failure is the avoidance of putting yourself to the test or when you let a failed attempt shame you into inaction.

5 Killer Network Marketing Tips to Apply When Researching Network Marketing Opportunities

Lets face it the reputation of the network marketing industry isn’t the best it can be. There are network marketing companies which are just scams. Some unfortunate people will of got ‘burnt’ by such companies (I hope your not one of them), they would of shared their unfortunate story with as many people as possible, and as we all know ‘bad news’ spreads like wild fire. In this article I am going to give you my 5 killer network marketing tips to have in mind when researching any network marketing opportunities.

1. Company History – How long has the company been around? How have they grown within that time? If possible find out if the company has suffered any set backs, and more importantly how did they over come them. This will demonstrate how sturdy the structure of the company is and how resilient they are with problem solving. You want to partner with a company who has the ability to deal with the ups and downs of its market.

2. Who Owns The Company – Its important to get some information on the people who own and run the company. They are ultimately the people who are in control of your product or service. You will need to find out if they have the right credentials to progress the company forward in the right direction. Your future income stream is in the hands of these people.

3. The Product / Service – Be clear on this point, YOU DON”T HAVE TO PERSONALLY LIKE THE PRODUCT / SERVICE in order to sell / distribute it. You do however, need to know if there is a genuine market for the product / service. I’m sure you don’t want to be left with a spare room full of stock or a link to a website which goes nowhere.

- Also look into what makes the product / service special or unique. Is it something which is not easily available somewhere else but people still want or need it. Or is it a great service with amazing discounts etc.

- Price is also a factor. Is the price inline with consumer demand. If the consumer can get the same product /service elsewhere at the same price why would they need you?

4. The Compensation Plan – Network marketing opportunities are all about the compensation plan. You have to know how, when and how regularly you will be getting paid for your efforts. Your reason for getting into network marketing will also determine the company you choose. If your in it for short term gains then you will need something which sells quick and is usually a one off sale. If your in it for the long-term (retirement money), then you will need a company which offers long-term residual income which can be relied upon month after month.

5. Training and Support – Often the most over looked part in network marketing. Does the company provide good, up-to-date and ongoing training to all its members? What is the support like for the consumer and for the distributors? Ideally once you have signed a consumer you would want the company to take on the day to day customer service issues, this frees up your time to get more customers or recruit more distributors (I would stress at this point that it is always wise to be contactable to your customers, they put money in your account after all). Also as a distributor it would be good to have constant immediate reliable support from the company. 

- Your Downline. This training and support also needs to be accessible by all in your downline, so they can be as up-to-date as you with the company and any marketing strategies, they to will be putting money in your pocket. The more training and support they have which is duplicate-able the more money they will be able to generate for themselves and you.

Those were my 5 killer network marketing tips. They are essential things to apply when researching network marketing opportunities. Its easy to get ‘burnt’ in this day and age, so do yourself a favor and do your due diligence on any network marketing opportunities you are looking at.

To your successful research.