Network Marketing Tips – Decision 1 of 7 That All Leaders Make That Carry Them to Success!

With such a SHOCKING failure statistic in this industry how the heck are you meant to keep going till you experience success? What are the 3% of people in this industry that are experiencing success doing that you are missing?
Well there are seven decisions that all leaders in this industry live by and follow everyday! And it is these seven decisions that almost all successful people in this industry or pretty much any industry will attribute to there success!

And today we are going to go over the 1st one! Over the next few days we are going to go over network marketing tips that WILL carry you to success if you choose to embrace them!

Because knowledge is useless unless you act on it! And with that here is the start of our network marketing tips…

Decision #1: EVERY leader understands that the buck starts with them!

What does this mean?
Well simply put they say to themselves that… I understand that the beginning of wisdom and success is to accept that where I am today is because of the decisions I have made and I will never blame my parents, wife, friends for the lack of my success! I will look forward and not let the past affect my future! And I will only have and embrace constructive thoughts and disregard straight away any destructive thoughts that cross my mind!

By saying this they take complete ownership of the situation and they stop being a victim! Once you stop having a victims mentality then you will be well on your way to success!

You see once you take responsibility for your success, you take responsibility for your actions and it is so easy to see the reasons why you are not experiencing success! So every time you see yourself blaming others and external situations for you not experiencing success take a step back and re asses that and you will find you are the only one responsible for your success and from there you will be able to make the necessary changes to be successful!

This is the first of the network marketing tips I have in-store for you but it is the most important of all the network marketing tips! Because this is the foundation of success and if you do not have a good foundation then well…I am sure you know what happens!

So that completes the first of our network marketing tips! Make sure you do not just read this! ACT on it as well, implement it into your success strategy and watch what happens! Trust me if you do it will not be long to you are astonished with the results you will be getting.

For the next lesson….

Another point that ALL successful network marketers realize is that how effective their marketing is is exactly proportional to the amount of sales and money they will make! And unfortunately SO many companies are setting there distributors up for failure by teaching them in-effective out of date marketing methods!! But today that all changes because I am going to introduce you to two very good friends of mine. Jay and Aaron! Why? Simple! Because they are the creators of the worlds premier online marketing training and very best environment to develop online entrepreneurs! So learn how to harness the power on the internet and you will be able to write your own paychecks for life!

Network Marketing Tips – Learn From The New Orleans Saints and Find Success

You might be wondering what on earth the New Orleans Saints have to do with network marketing tips. Believe it or not they have provided us with some very valuable network marketing pointers which if you apply to your business could have you experiencing success despite not having had much to date.

You don’t have to know a whole lot about American Football to understand that the recent historic win for the Saints was an epic victory. Winning the Super Bowl, the biggest prize in American sport is something to be mighty proud of.

What is significant about the win is that they had to overcome a legacy of failure stretching back 42 years! In fact this team had never reached the championship game before. You’ll understand then how the tradition of fans wearing paper bags over their heads and calling themselves “Aints” came about.

What makes their win even more amazing is that they were up against the mighty Indianapolis Colts, the team with the best record in the league and in fact the best record over the past decade. Throughout the game, it looked as if the Colts had it in the bag of course and then the underdogs took control in the final quarter. Drew Brees, the Saint’s quarterback equaled the record for the most passes completed in the Super Bowl. The final score – Saints 31, Colts 17.

After years of football failure and and more than four years of real hardship since Hurricane Katrina all but flattened New Orleans completely, no city needed or deserved this win more and no football team deserved the Lombardi Trophy more either.

So what network marketing tips can we take from this story?

  • Just because the Saints had not won before did not mean that they were unable to do so.Your past business results don’t matter either. Past results don’t necessarily equal future results. Learn from your errors, change what’s not working, focus on NOW and this will determine your future results.
  • When their city flooded and their stadium was turned into a shelter, the team considered looking for a better stadium and bigger market but instead they returned to a repaired Superdome. They did not abandon ship. Just because you have not realized the results you want with your present company does not mean you should jump around from company to company. If you are not succeeding yet it’s more than likely you who needs work. With personal development you will position yourself to be successful no matter which company you are with. Commit to your company in the long term to find success.
  • Obviously having Brees join the Saints played a huge part in their recovery and triumph, but football is not won by one player. It takes a team working together. The Saints team as a whole were able to demonstrate that they were the best team of the season and the best team on the day. Your business is not called “networking” by chance, it’s a fundamental operational principle. You need to work together with others and help them to become successful and then you will find success too. Perhaps your business needs inspired leadership so why don’t you step up and be the Brees of your team? Remember too that any one of the people you bring on board could be the leader you are looking for to get things going, so sign up leaders not opportunity seekers.
  • The Saints and New Orleans did not give up despite huge odds against them.Whatever your situation, you can be successful too as long as you never give up. It’s all up to you. What are you going to do about it?

5 Network Marketing Tips To Find The Best Network Marketing Companies For Your Success

Searching for the best network marketing companies to launch a new business can be a daunting task. How in the world do you know which one is right for you when there are thousands of companies to pick from in the network marketing industry?

Of course every opportunity touts theirs as being the best of the network marketing companies for you join. Don’t despair; with the power of the information age at our fingertips sorting the “studs from the duds” is not all that difficult to do anymore.

Here are a five network marketing tips to help guide you through your journey.

First, it doesn’t really matter if you are not that familiar with the industry or a seasoned pro. It all boils down to the leadership at the top and in your organization.

When choosing the best network marketing companies for your consideration just take a look into the track record of the corporate staff. Do they have the proven track record of success growing and sustaining success? Do they have a professional online back office support for training, recruiting, communication and tracking?

Here is another of the great network marketing tips for you. Ask yourself, what is it that you are going to be marketing, with your new network marketing company? Are you going to be marketing a product or a service? If you really want to hitch up with the best network marketing companies then one that is offering a service that is in high demand, or (better yet) a service that is a necessity, your odds for success are greatly improved.

Third, who are the leaders in your up line? What is their track record? Is, what they are doing duplicatable? These are just a few key questions that you need to be researching. Don’t just take someone’s word for it, get on the internet and look for facts.

Fourth, the companies and the best leaders use technology. Find a company that offers you the ability to recruit on line. Find a company that offers outstanding customer service and consultant service for those of us out in the trenches, the field soldiers if you will. With out both of these in place you are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Last but not least, the best network marketing companies will provide you the ability to maximize your efforts through the use of automation. Auto responders, capture pages, funded proposal marketing, training for marketing on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and others, should make up a good part of your tool box. Use these tools to bring you in multiple streams of income. Get training either from inside your new opportunity or outside but get the training you need to succeed.

Of all the top network marketing tips this one is a real jewel.The best companies offer great value. It is not how much money it takes to get started in the industry or company itself, but rather what you get for your return on investment.

Regardless of your initial investment with the company that you choose, the biggest bang for your buck is the amount that you invest in yourself on a regular basis. There is no bigger return than keeping up to date with the ever changing times. It is all about education.

Find yourself getting involved with the best network marketing companies that fit your style and the demand for what they offer and no doubt that you will take it to the T O P (Total Ongoing Prosperity)