Network Marketing Tips – Get That Money Rolling

If you have recently gotten involved with Network Marketing, you are more than likely looking for some Network Marketing tips to give you an advantage, and to line your pockets with a little more cash. Let’s face it, in this business, one tip that works real well for you can be worth a TON of money, both in the short and in the long term.

Many people think that there are no new methods to Network Marketing, and that they for the most part have to make due with the same tips, methods, and techniques that date decades ago. That couldn’t be further from the truth. One really good example is in the past, if you were involved in Network Marketing in almost any capacity, the first thing you did was make a list of your friends, family, and coworkers, and then for the most part harassed these people until they either bought something from you, joined your opportunity, or both. Guess what this accomplished for many people? Their friends, family, and coworkers would turn and run as fast as they could every time they saw you coming.

These days some of the most effective ways of building your Network Marketing business are done online, and without any personal interaction whatsoever. Basically, the way the search engines work, you are able to target people by the keywords that they search for, and by putting a little bit of content in front of them, or maybe offering them some sort of free gift, you are able to get a lead. By doing this, your lead pool is for the most part endless. The only way it can be limited is if the Internet somehow goes away, and I don’t see that happening, do you?

Another good Network Marketing tip is that you should try to break from some of the traditional things that you have been taught, and observed. While many of the gurus in Network Marketing will tell you that it is all about knocking on doors, handing out business cards, and getting face time, for many people that simply isn’t effective. The reason is, many of us have a low tolerance for rejection. What I mean is once a few people tell you no, you often start to become reluctant to talk about your opportunity or projects any more for the fear of being rejected again.

So, where does that leave you? Well, it definitely doesn’t add people to your down line, or get any additional products sold, that’s for sure. So, breaking from the traditional methods, and being willing to get into some of the newer methods of advertising, and lead generation will likely add some serious money to your bottom line, and give you the confidence to grow your business to a level you probably didn’t think was possible.

Network Marketing Tips

Network marketing is viewed as a Get rich scheme. People who have realized exciting career through network marketing have put in their efforts and investment in their own way. There are techniques, principles and formulas to adhere, yet ultimately success is achieved by adopting your own style as this will require no molding. You are aware of your qualities, so putting things across you can decide how to go about to achieve success. If you need to be successful, and you find you are unable to do it adopt new techniques like the saying “Necessity is the mother of Invention”.

Network marketing is based on a few tips that will assist you to be a successful network marketer. The first tip is you have to ascertain whether choosing network marketing business is the right career for you. Ascertaining yourself is essential, since many people get into network marketing as a hobby and this is one of the prime reasons why people face failure with network marketing.

The second tip is network marketing should be treated as a real business. You must adhere to rules and regulations like any other business. Sincerely devoting at least few hours in a week is essential to see your network marketing business successful. Setting a goal in a specific period of time will ensure the desired results and your business will function efficiently.

The third tip is to acquire sufficient knowledge regarding the business you are involved in. This will help you understand the pros and cons of network marketing business. Learning should be a continuous process. This will teach you new techniques in enhancing your business profits.

The fourth tip is setting a budget and following it. You should invest certain amount as investment for your business to grow. Reinvesting will surely develop your business and your income as well. As network marketing demands only few hours in a week, you can always support yourself with a job that fetches you regular income till you steady yourself in network marketing.

The fifth tip is about being optimistic. A positive attitude walks a long way with you. Review your setbacks and try to overcome it. Try to see your failure as a mentor to lead you to success.

Following these network marketing tips will soon find you and your network marketing career rocketing high.

Network Marketing Tip Number 3 – To Succeed You Must Stand Out From the Herd

Don’t Do It Like Everybody Else… Unless You Want To Fail

Today’s network marketing tip flies right in the face of how most people try to build their network marketing business. And you can’t blame them. It is how they are told to build it.

When you sign up with the typical MLM company you are told that you are an independent business owner. However you are rarely encouraged to grow your business with any independent thinking. Most up-lines frown on any attempts to build your business outside of the accepted norm.

But the problem is…

To be successful you must stand out from the crowd.

By forcing you into the mold of how everybody else does it, your up-line is unknowingly doing you a disservice. They are condemning you to being lost in a sea of the same-old same-old. Which has at least two very detrimental results.

  • You look like everybody else
  • You are using outmoded sales methods

In the marketing world looking like everyone else is the kiss of death. Large branded companies spend millions of dollars trying to distinguish themselves from their nearly identical competitors. They know that business success depends on looking different.

When – according to legend – Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry she no doubt gained a lot of attention. But on a nude beach she would hardly be noticed.

Even the most provocative behavior goes unnoticed if everybody else is doing it.

If you are trying to promote your business by pitching your products and opportunity you look like everybody else who has been taught to do the same thing. Not only that but you are using outmoded selling techniques.

In the early days of network marketing it was possible to build a business by touting the benefits of your products and opportunity. But with so many opportunities out there your voice will not be heard today.

Plus the 5 radios and 4 televisions in everyone’s house are screaming hyped-up sales messages that nobody is listening to.

Your sales messages are just Lady Godiva on a nude beach.

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

The best network marketing tip I know for making your products and opportunity stand out is…


That is what most people are trying to do. Your product may be the best around. It may not. Your pay plan or up-line or company website may be the best. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. Everybody makes those claims. Nobody believes them either.

You have to shift your thinking away from your products and opportunity. Your business is bigger than that. Your business is not the company you represent. That company could go away. And then where would you be?

If your business is not the network marketing company you represent – then what is it? It is the one thing nobody can take away. It is…


The way you stand out in business is by branding YOU as different from everybody else. When you do that your network marketing opportunity – and products – will not matter. How people perceive you will be everything.

But how do you do that? How do you position yourself as unique?

It isn’t by blowing your own horn or making bold claims about your successes and abilities. Such claims sound like all the other hype out there. Instead focus your attention on proving your worth and distinction in the marketplace. And the best way to do that is by…

Assuming the role of an educator and guide.

It is the one thing that all people are looking for. All of us are attracted to mentors who can teach us how to do things. No matter what the issue – we all want information that will help us understand and succeed.

And the most attractive people in the world are those who provide the information we want.

So instead of repelling people with worn out sales-pitches, try attracting them with the valuable information they need. Brand yourself as the one person who will give them that information.

And you will stand out.