Network Marketing Tip Number 3 – Success Or Failure?

Network marketing can be the best or the worst experience of your life. If you’ve done it… you know what I mean.

Here’s the deal. I want to share with you a network marketing tip that will can help you avoid massive failure in your multi level marketing biz.

Are you ready? Here it is…. Always ask the question “why” instead of making the statement “wow”. Here’s a quick example to illustrate my point. About 6 months ago we developed an invitation system for getting people to our events. As my partner and I were greeting people at our first event we were amazed as people started to flood the door.

1 person, after another, then another so on and so forth. They kept pouring in. I looked at my partner and asked “why… what did we do to make this happen?”

As we continued to follow this network marketing tip… we discovered the reasons behind the success of that event. We learned. We expanded. Last week we packed a room with 120 people. Success!

In contrast I had a few distributors that were present at both events. Rather than ask “why”, they simple said to themselves “wow..that’s neat.” Guess what… They still don’t understand why we were able to put on a successful event. My partner and I can take this model to many areas and be very successful.

Those that did not ask the question “why” are still clueless. Here’s another network marketing tip that explains the first one. Success in business is nothing more than a series of learning experiences.

You’ll have both failures and successes but if you ask the question “why” after each experience the failures will become less and less while the successes become more and more.

So again.. network marketing tip #3… always ask the question why.

Do this and you will add value to yourself, in turn be able to deliver value to the marketplace… and that’s when the cash starts rolling in.

Network Marketing Tips – 3 Reasons Why List Building and Building Relationships Are One and the Same

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when they enter the home based business arena especially network marketing is to be a typical salesperson.  Offline people hate to be sold to and online is no different. The disadvantage using the Internet to earn an income is not being able to have personal interaction with potential customers.  Building a list helps you do that as long as you build a relationship with your subscribers. Here are some network marketing tips to help you avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure in this business:

1. Exposure – more than ever branding yourself is extremely important. Unless you come out with the next Facebook or Google then having people know who you are is essential to your success.  The product or service you are promoting should be secondary.

Added Tip: more than likely you are involved or will join a business opportunity that many others are promoting so your advantage is standing out from the pack.  The product and service may be the same but you as an individual are unique.

2. Interaction – with social marketing becoming a popular choice among network marketers it would be foolish not to see why.  What better platform can you have where people can get to know the real you?  Building a list and providing quality content to your subscribers is powerful but actually communicating with people in real time is priceless.

Added Tip: your ultimate goal should always be to build a list because communication is possible 24/7 and it can be done while you sleep or just away from your computer but you have to provide as many ways for people to contact you because it creates a comfort level and subsequently a relationship.

3. Time – just like building a relationship offline you have to bridge a trust between you and the people signing up to your list.  It becomes more difficult for potential customers to dig through the barrage of emails they receive from your competitors so you have to set yourself apart by allowing them to know you and that takes time.

Added Tip: understanding the gradual process of how relationships build should give you a better grasp and will prepare you to be much more patient.  Add some personality to your email campaigns and engage your subscribers.

Network Marketing Tip – 10 Things to Organize to Be More Successful in Your Business

A good network marketing tip is to be as organized as you can be.  Even if your business is new, establish the habit  now and when you become busy it will be one less thing to take care of. It will also prevent you from feeling scattered and frustrated when you have a lot to do every day.  Being organized often means having to rearrange your belongings, priorities and most importantly your habits.

The following are ten essential areas to be organized in a network marketer’s life: 

  1. Your physical space: This refers to the physical area where you will base your business. This might be a a designated home office area or just a multi activity space in your home. Wherever it is, it needs to be organized so you can conduct your business comfortably and efficiently.
  2. Your hard copy filing system: You  will collect a huge amount of hand written notes, print outs and other information material as your business progresses. Keeping this in order means you will know where to find what you are looking for when necessary.
  3. Your computer: This includes your computer filing system, email account and Internet usage. Our computers are used more and more these days to conduct business so it is vital to keep this functioning simply and effectively.
  4. Your time: Making sure you organize the time you have set aside for your business so you can get everything done you set out to achieve on a daily basis will support your business goals.
  5. Your prospects: Keeping track of who you speak to and what they tell you will help you to know where you are in the process with them. It is ideal to move people through the initial prospecting phase efficiently so that you know whether you need to spend more time with them or not.
  6. Your marketing: There are many ways to market and most times we use a number of these strategies. Keeping this side of your business in check is essential so you can evaluate what is working and what needs to be changed going forward.
  7. Your business budget: Knowing how much money you have to spend and what you are actually spending on the various parts of your business makes it easier to make decisions about whether you need to spend more or less to get the results you desire.
  8. Your meetings: Meetings can take up far too much time whether face to face or phone meetings. Keeping these organized according to an objective will mean you don’t waste time unnecessarily.
  9. Your team: Unless you can organize your team and their needs you will end up spending too much time being interrupted and not getting on with growing your personal business further.
  10. Your head space: While this may sound like an odd thing to keep organized it is probably the most important as when you de-clutter your mind and can think clearly you will be in better position to be productive.