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Network Marketing Tips: Maximizing The Power Of Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media site today. With hundreds of millions of individuals registered on the site, can you just imagine the number of possible prospects you can have spanning many countries, races and continents. It is no wonder that many marketers today are embracing Facebook for their marketing purposes. And you can too.

With the potential that is behind Facebook, it is the perfect time for you to also embrace it for your business and for your network. In fact, there are many success stories from Facebook that allowed them to create financial stability and security. By simply creating a Facebook account, you are one step closer to your most coveted success.

One of the first network marketing tips you can begin to implement today would be to join in the Facebook groups. In here it is important that you will join the right group in line with your business and your product. A good example for this is real estate. We know for a fact that real estate is applicable to many individuals. However, there are only a handful who are capable of actually buying one. Hence, do not join in groups where it talks about adolescence consisting of teens. In the first place they can’t afford to buy one and would not even be interested in real estate at all. Instead, join groups that involve working individuals who would be enthusiastic about your business.

The next thing you can utilize in Facebook would be to add friends. In this case, you would be adding not individuals but friends. When we talk about friends, these are the persons we communicate every so often, we tend to help and we tend to aid. If you would like to expand your network in a manner that you can imagine, it would be best that you develop a strong relationship with your prospect. In any networking marketing, it would be suggested that you will get a connection with your prospect.

A very good example of this would be sponsoring your entrepreneurial friends in the offline world. If you have been good friends with someone over the years, they would be more receptive to listen to you than picking out a stranger off the street. This is also the same as adding online friends. When you begin to nurture and build relationships with others while contributing valuable content, you will be perceived as a leader and your friends will be much more receptive to your suggestions.

Utilizing the group and friend capability of Facebook, you can be able to expand your network in no time at all. As always, please do not use Facebook or any other social media platform as a means to spam and solicit your products. Facebook is a real community and you do not want to have a reputation of being a spammer.

Network Marketing Tip – “Cold Call Mountain” and “Flyers Gulch” Aren’t the Only Options

The sort of network marketing tip I could have expected years ago would be ‘don’t pre-judge’, ‘you don’t know who’s looking’ and my favourite – ‘sponsor up (peer group and above).’ That last tip did have some merit. It gave me the chance to be rejected by more credible people. Who’d want to be rejected by someone with no credibility?

The problem with the pre-internet MLM world was that everything took so much time. If you did actually find someone who was keen, by the time they had been put through the wringer by Uncle Fred and Janice from the post-room they’d look as haggard and world weary as us. Then the only network marketing tip that would interest them would be ‘how can I quit quietly without anyone knowing I’ve gone?’

Thanks to online prospecting, this turgid part of building our passive income has been fully automated and what a blessing it is. Before, ‘no’ meant ‘no’. Nowadays, instead of up-front pitching our home business we can provide real and useful business-building content to our subscribers to create an income from those who may never join our opportunity. Now there are just different categories of ‘yes’.

There really isn’t the need any more to be cold calling shoppers or bank clerks. What’s important these days is to automate the prospecting process and more importantly to constantly track where your best results are coming from. Here’s a pretty obvious network marketing tip: the web is fantastic for allowing us to do this.

For example, if we want to use pay-per-click advertising or forum posting, we can include a code in the url so we know where our new subscriber has come from. Then we can ‘ramp up’ that campaign and eliminate ones that aren’t producing. With cold calls, house meetings, fliers etc it’s next to impossible to track that activity and so we can spend years in fruitless activity, where only the super-charismatic few survive.

The best networking marketing tip I’ve heard is ‘build You, Inc first’. What that means is build a subscriber base, using capture pages and an autoresponder, and offer free and occasionally paid business-building resources to current network marketers. They won’t want your business opportunity now – but when (as is likely) they lose heart with their current vehicle – who is in the best position to help them develop another? That’s right. You. And if they never join your primary opportunity – who cares?

Network Marketing Tips: Why You Need Patience (and Right Away!) in Order to Succeed

17 years ago today, my husband and I started our first home based business.

No, we weren’t selling soap or laundry detergent. Not vitamins, or skin care products or diet supplements, either.

In fact, we weren’t selling anything. We were starting a family. And on this day 17 years ago, the first of our children made her grand entrance into the world.

Johannah Elizabeth clocked in at a full seven pounds, 10 ounces, with 10 fingers and toes, a swath of jet-black hair on the crown of her head, and the rest of her girlie-pink perfection. Her first day, and all through the night, she mewed like a little kitten, as if recalling for me the trauma of being born, of leaving the comfort of her home for something big and bright and unfamiliar.

Yes, baby, I told her, nuzzling my nose into the softest place on earth, that spot between her ear and her neck. I know. I was there.

We weren’t planning on this little one. Not so soon, anyway. When J and I first got married, our idea was that we’d wait five years to start a family. To be a couple, and travel, and… just be us for a little while, relatively responsibility free.

Six months after we said, “I do,” I found out I was pregnant. And life changed for us, forever and for good.

I’ve learned a lot from our daughters. About being patient. About living a life of service. About staying in the moment, and appreciating life as it unfolds, even if that unfoldment didn’t happen on my schedule.

Especially if it didn’t happen on my schedule.

And what I’ve learned from being a mom, I can now apply to running a home based business. And I’ve picked up a few network marketing tips along the way, too.

If you’re a parent, you know what I mean when I say that sometimes, things don’t move at the pace you’d like them to. The same is true for your home based business.

Leads don’t always come as quickly as you’d like them to. Your downline doesn’t grow as fast as you hoped it would. And in the beginning, the commission checks aren’t as fat as they could be.

But you know something? Raising children has taught me that life moves at its own pace. And that it’s my job to do what I can, and then get out of the way.

If you’re just starting out in your home based business, or have been at it for a little while but are still not seeing the kinds of results you want, the following network marketing tips can help you to get your over the hump:

Network Marketing Tips – #1: Know Your Outcome

As with anything in life, getting there from here means you must first know where you’re going. Get really clear on what it is you want to accomplish in your business. Is it a lifestyle? A certain level of income? Do you want to fund your kids’ college tuition, or retire within the next few years? Write it down, and post it someplace where you can see it every day. Keeping your outcome top of mind will help pull you through when the going gets rough.

Network Marketing Tips – #2: Remove Distractions

Remove all distractions. As tempting as it is, working from home does not mean plopping yourself down on the couch in front of the television with your laptop. Treat your business like a business. Keep office hours (whatever that means for you). Suit up and show up, and make sure that everything you do during that time is in service to your company.

Network Marketing Tips – #3: Make a Commitment

Growing a successful network marketing company is probably going to take longer than you think it will, but that’s okay. Recommit to yourself, your family, and your business every day, and then get to work. Don’t worry about the outcomes. As Deepak Chopra says, “Focus on the process and the results are guaranteed.”

And above all, be patient. With yourself, with your business, with your team, with your world. Remember that life unfolds at its own pace, in its own time. Do your part, follow the network marketing tips outlined above, and then get out of the way.

In time, your hard work, patience, and persistence will pay off.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. Thank you for being a part of our wonderful world.