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Network Marketing Tips: Don’t Give Up, Follow Up

Let me relate this network marketing tip by way of a childhood memory. When I was a young boy, maybe 8 or 9 years old, I was a huge fan of hockey cards. That was the big thing back then. Just as children of today collect Yugi-Oh cards, hockey cards were the rave in my day. I collected hundreds of them and routinely traded with classmates and friends.

I remember wanting a particular card, Phil Esposito. I don’t recall the year of the card, but it was very unique in that he was wearing slacks instead of hockey pants. The pants were so cool, you know, the 1970′s plaid style. Anyway, I wanted that card.

A friend of mine had it, but he refused to trade with me. I offered him everything under the sun, but for whatever reason, he wanted to keep it. I remember being very hurt and angry and crying like a baby. But, I did not give up. I kept on this boy week after week until finally I was able to make a deal with him. ow he didn’t give me that card simply to shut me up, rather there came a time that the value of that card to him diminished and he wanted something more important to him. So as I’m sure you can see how this story relates to the network marketing tip of never giving up and following up.

Now the never giving up aspect of network marketing is a whole topic in and of itself. I will leave that for another day. The network marketing success tip that I want to stress is the follow-up.

One definition of the “follow-up” is this: “One that follows so as to further an end or increase effectiveness.”

“Increase effectiveness”, isn’t that interesting. I strongly believe that following up with a prospect is more important than the original contact. Your success in the network marketing industry is contingent on how well you follow-up with people.

Why is that? How can the follow-up be more important than your first contact with a prospect? Let me explain. There are 3 very important reasons why following up with a prospect is a key for your network marketing business to succeed.

1. You Are Committed

When you contact your prospect again they can see that you have not given up on your business. Many network marketers do so and I’m sure the prospect is used to other people giving up on their dreams. They most likely had the pre conceived notion that you would do the same.

By you following up with them, you are telling them, that you are taking your business seriously and that you are not giving up on yourself.

2. You Believe in Them

By following up with your prospect, you are not only telling them that you are committed to yourself and your network marketing business, but you are also committed to them.

You are showing your prospect that you truly want to have that person be a part of your organization and that you want to work with them. That is a strong statement. How often does and employer target a prospective employee? You are making that person feel special.

3. You Keep Your Word

Too often in this world and specifically in the network marketing industry, people never say what they mean and do what they say. You make sure that you don’t fall into that crowd. A successful entrepreneur always keeps their word.

By you following up with that person, you are showing them that you are dedicated, organized and thorough. People do not want to work with someone who is the opposite of all these traits. Following up in this fashion, will make you look more attractive to a prospect.

Now, how often do we follow-up and how soon after your initial contact with the prospect?

The answer to the former is simple, as many times as it takes until the prospect either says an absolute “no”, or they join your business. You might think this approach is too pushy, but it’s not if it’s done the right way.

During your initial contact with the prospect, ask their permission to follow-up with them. In doing this, you have shifted the power to the prospect and they can say either yes or no. If they say, no, then honour that and never follow-up with them. If they say yes, then tell them that you will contact them in the future. Be specific as to when that will occur. When you do follow-up with them, remind them of what you had discussed in the past about reconnecting and emphasize that that is the reason for your call.

The answer to my second question is every six months. I believe that to follow-up any sooner, may be somewhat aggressive. Some of you may disagree with me, but that is a judgment call. I would definitely not follow-up with someone any earlier than 3 months.

The main point to remember with respect to following up with a prospect is that when they say no to your opportunity, it is not actually “no”, it’s “not at this time.” People’s circumstances in life change quite often, so although a person is not open to a network marketing opportunity today, that does not mean that they will not be open to something a few months down the road.

That is why I believe that following up every six months is a perfect timeline. The odds are greater that a prospect’s circumstances would have changed after 6 months rather than any sooner.

Wishing you great success.

Vince A. Giorno

4 Network Marketing Tips to Explode Your Home-Based Business

Contrary to popular belief, growing a home-based business in Network Marketing has nothing to do with timing. How many times have you heard someone tell you that there’s “no better time than right now” to join their business? Although things may be going very well for their company, timing has no relevance on the success of a network marketer. When you get everyone aligned with the same vision and mission by becoming a leader, your business will flourish no matter what time it is.

The best way to become a leader in Network Marketing is to follow your own plan and focus on the aspects you need to improve your skill on with devotion and excellence. This doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, but it does mean you have to recognize that jumping from one trend to the next won’t grow your business. Here is an outline for leaders to follow on your own terms as they develop their basic marketing skill sets.

Network Marketing Tips #1: Find the right person in need of your solution.

You do not want to talk to everyone you meet unless you want to waste lots of time and money weeding through prospects. Your target audience is in direct relation to the value and benefit of the product you endorse. You can find these people by purchasing cheap leads on the internet, through pay-per click advertising, or writing and submitting articles and press releases designed to solve problems.

If you are new to network marketing, beware of individuals promising you riches by way of their “turn-key” online business system. These people aren’t interested in helping you grow your Network Marketing business as much as they are interested in providing a way to supplement their own income by “supplying” you with over-priced leads and fancy website charges that you don’t need. These systems only work for people willing to burn through thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. (i.e. nobody!)

Network Marketing Tips #2: Plant a seed in your presentation about how people can join to be a part of your vision.

This is a lot easier to do with people who are your target audience than it is to do with people who you talk to at the grocery store. It takes convincing out of the picture entirely because you are focusing on solving the problem that you already know they have.

Notice how I emphasized “problem” without making it plural? Most network marketing companies train their distributors to arm themselves with an arsenal full of solutions that could benefit everyone. The problem with this is that most people, especially your target audience, are only looking to solve one problem. When they know what it is and contact you, all you have to do is help them with it.

Network Marketing Tips #3: Make a connection with the consumer as to why you joined.

This is where a bit of research will come in handy because in order for you to do this, you must know your target audience. Who are they? What kinds of problems do they face on a daily basis? What are their fears? The more you know your consumer, the better the connection.

One of the best ways to reach out to the needs of your target audience is to share your own testimonial on the product or service you represent. This motivates and inspires them by showing how they can benefit as well. You simply can not market something successfully if you do not have a passion for it. You might get a few sales here and there, but you will never get grow your Network Marketing business to where you no longer need to worry about money.

Network Marketing Tips #4: Provide a quick start guide for every new customer & distributor who joins you.

Just a small packet of paperwork of why you are inspired, including your definition of purpose. Too much information turns a person off because they feel overwhelmed and unmotivated to find a starting place. Keep it simple and within their ability to follow a call schedule of activities and events that you design for them.

Their guide components should include an introduction with frequently asked questions and testimonials. Then you can go into defining their role by explaining what you do and what they should do, and where they can go for support. A call schedule is important as well because it lets them know where you will be. Remember, they are brand new. Do not assume they understand the same concepts in your Network Marketing Business that you understand.

One crucial element that should be included in your Network Marketing Business is one that most people fail to provide. Show them how they can follow no more than three strategic steps to get their first paycheck ASAP. Developing a skill set takes time, but providing them with prospecting and closing scripts gives them something concrete to work with. Once they make money, they will have confidence so you want them to earn a profit right away in their Network Marketing Business.

All that is necessary after these 4 Network Marketing Tips to grow your Home Based Business is that the prospect teaches their new prospects how to do the same things. It has nothing to do with timing, or spending lots of money. It all comes down to developing a basic plan and skill set that allows you to become a leader with a positive attitude.

Network Marketing Tip – Do You Ensure Your New Team Members Have These Resources?

Today someone who is not in my team called me for some advice. She wanted to know how she can ensure that the people she takes on stay active. I told her it depended on why they were not being so. “Oh that’s easy.They either don’t have the money or time.” she said. When I asked her how she had assessed this criteria before signing them up, she told me she just assumed they would have had both considering  they were starting a business.

Here’s a worthwhile network marketing tip: Don’t assume anything at any time!  Unfortunately many network marketers are so obsessed with getting people to sign on the dotted line that they often don’t ensure new team members have two of the most necessary resources to be in business, time and money. You can’t operate a business successfully without either and if you are brushing these requirements aside just to get a “yes” you are doing both yourself and the other  person a great disservice. It won’t take long before they realize this themselves and in the end they will just be another name on a list reminding you of your error.  

It is true that it costs a lot less to set yourself up in a network marketing business than a traditional one, but that does not mean you don’t need money at all. The more money you have the less time you need as you will be able to outsource parts of your marketing but if money is the shorter of the two resources, then more time will be required as you will need to do everything yourself.

There is no point in taking on people who don’t  have these resources. You know your own business set up to be able to do an inventory of the time and finances that are required. When you first interview people ask them how much money they have for an initial monthly marketing budget and exactly how much time they have to set aside daily to attend to their business. This will give you an idea of how successful they will be and you can decide whether taking them on is worth your while.