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Network Marketing Tip – How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Use this network marketing tip to keep you on track and help you take your business to the next level:

Your road to success in network marketing must be treated like any other journey

What do I mean? When you take a journey from one place to another, every now and then you must stop to assess how far you have traveled, what distance remains and whether you are still on the right road. By doing this you ensure that you get to where you want to be. The same is true for your network marketing journey but how do you know what to look for when making this assessment?

Recently I came across a teaching by Paul Martinelli, president of Life Success Consulting in which he speaks about using seven levels of awareness to understand where we are in relation to our goals. He suggests the results we are getting is a direct reflection of which level we are at. When we know which level this is then we can figure out what we need to do to move ourselves to the next level and ultimately reach our desired outcome. He wasn’t referring specifically to network marketing but what he suggests is a perfect framework for the journey we find ourselves on as network marketers.

I have tailored his teaching specifically for our use below. As you read through these decide which level you are at and then do what you need to do to move yourself on:

Level 1: Animal

This does not apply because you would not even think about having a business at this level.

Level 2: Mental:

You have a business because others have a business. You have no real understanding of what a business can do for you. You simply have one because you want to fit in, not because it’s what you really want. Your action will be dependent on following the crowd so you will never develop into the leader required. If this is you, go and do something else.

Level 3: Aspiration:

You have a conscious desire to be, do and have more and you believe that a business could provide this for you. However, you don’t take action because you are trapped in fear and you are concerned about what others will say if you fail. You are more in love with the idea of a business than actually taking the action required for success. If this describes you then you will not be successful because you will never take enough action. Either go and do something else or overcome your fears and shortcomings through personal development.

Level 4: Individual Expression:

You understand and believe you have the potential to change your life through your business. You are enthusiastic and willing to take action initially and you do. This is often the true entry point for starting a business. If this describes you, continue taking action by learning how to market your business and how to become a strong leader.

Level 5: Discipline:

You will come to be at this level by default if you take enough action at the previous level. As you do so you will be met with obstacles, challenges and failure. This happens very quickly and is usually where people quit. To survive this you must find the strength to follow through with your plans by staying focused regardless of the problems that arise and by staying true to what you want. This is the most challenging level because you need to have enough self belief that you can achieve what you want before you have had any results. If this describes you then it’s time to seriously develop yourself so that you can overcome your challenges. There is only one way – personal development.

Level 6: Experience:

You build up experience as a result of the feedback you get from taking action over time. The only way to get to this level is though applying discipline at the previous level. If this is where you find yourself then you are already experiencing some success. Now apply your experience to your business to modify and fine tune your results so you can grow your business consistently.

Level 7: Master:

At this level you are aware of your truest potential and you know what you are capable of. You are not controlled by any external factors and even if your business was taken away, you would be able to rebuild it again from scratch in no time at all. There is nothing more for you to do other than continue as you are.

3 Network Marketing Tips You Need Today

When it comes to making money on the net, networking marketing tips are a dime a dozen. However, there are several things that you can still learn from both experienced and amateur marketers. Often times, the simplest of tips comes from their experiences and they totally miss the mark, but you can capitalize on their issues by simply looking into a few easy to follow patterns. Often times, writers, bloggers, and marketers telegraph their next move, which opens up the floodgates for copycats to jump in and takeover what they initially thought was exclusive. Consider the following tips that you need to utilize today in order to make a lot of money and get rid of your 9 to 5 job.

The first tip is simply, start writing a blog. I know, this might sound rudimentary but if you start today, and you do it long enough two major outcomes will come of it. The first thing that will occur is you will gain a following of readers that will help you establish a business, click ads, and purchase recommendations that you might have. The people that are making the most money online have blogs set up to help them conquer the financial world. If you want in, set up a blog today and start writing. Within a few years you will have the foundation for what could be an extremely lucrative run of marketing online.

The second tip that will help you with network marketing is to make sure that you subscribe to any free information sites that are out there in regards to your niche. If you’re trying to make money with an MLM system, look for websites that are publishing information that can help you get better at it. If you’re not familiar with any of these sites, simply search the terms you want and look for websites that publish a lot of content, then subscribe to them via email or RSS feed. Pay attention to what is said and you’ll be in the green in no time.

The last thing that you’ll want to consider in regards to marketing is to make sure that you seek out a coach. Network marketing tips that are provided by a coach can help you establish a long term friendship with a successful partner and then branch off on your own. Without the helping hands of a coach, you will end up having to deal with issues that can ruin your quest for financial security. Why jump the hurdles that networking throws at you? You can easily avoid them with the help of someone that has already gone through that route and is now offering assistance.

The above 3 tips for marketing will help you at least start thinking about what to do with the plan of making money on the net. Most people don’t realize that the online world is not a difficult place to make money, but there are certain paths that lead to money and others that are pitfalls for novice marketers.

Network Marketing Tips – Great Advice For All MLM Opportunities

There are many factors you should consider when choosing the perfect MLM for you. When I first started out, I went for the MLM that paid the best commission. The commission was 50% and when I mentioned the products they were pretty easy to sell. The MLM that I was in was great, but later on I found out that it was not right for me. Why was it not right for me?

My first mistake was that I did not know what I had wanted out of an MLM. I just thought that it was all about making money. Well, you can not make money if you do not first plan out how you are going to actually sell it, who you are going to sell it to and how you are going to advertise. I am an internet marketer, so why did I choose a MLM that refused to let you even mention their name online.

I love marketing, so why did I choose a MLM that does not want you to use their name in anything unless they have first created it for you? The company was a great company, but it does not fit my needs and wants. So that being said. Here is how you can choose the best MLM for you.

1. Try the products out and love the products you intend to sell.

You definitely want to sell a product that works. A product that you yourself loves to use. Be so passionate about the product that people will believe in the product themselves.

2. Choose the best compensation plan. Which plan will make you the most money for your situation.

For example, if you want to work part time, do not choose a MLM where you must sell a certain amount of products in order to get a good commission.

If you know a lot of people that may want to join, you may want to make sure you are in a MLM where you get paid for however many people you sign up.

3. Make sure the products you sell are actually marketable. The best products to sell are consumable. You want your customers to continuously have to come back to you for that great product that just happens to always run out.

People will almost always buy things they need over things they want. They will buy lotions, soaps, vitamins over books or clothes.

It is vital that you choose the Best opportunities for you. Doing your research in advance will definitely help you save time and money.

The more you know what you want. the easier it will be to succeed.

Network Marketing Tip #2: Only Create a down line of 10 solid People Especially as a beginner. When you have just ten people, you can concentrate on just them. The 10 people that you choose should be solid. What do I mean by solid? A solid person should be just as motivated to succeed in the business as you. They should want to come to all of the meeting, always trying to improve. They are excellent at social media marketing. An ideal candidate should be a positive person that is excited about the products. They learn from you and are able to teach others as effectively as you.

Of course no one is perfect. Some of these qualities come natural, while others have to be taught. Its up to you to how much time you want to invest in them to get them where they need to be. The good thing about only having 10 solid people on your team is so that you will have ample time to concentrate on just those 10. Its easier to make 10 people power sellers than to get 100 people even halfway there. You will spend a lot more time getting people in, training them, then they drop out, and the cycle goes on and on throughout your career. Once you get your ten, train them and let them get ten more power sellers and so on. When you loose one on the way, just find another to replace and train them. This may not be the best plan for all. It may benefit you to have a team of 100. If so, go for it. Whatever works for you.