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Network Marketing Tips – Don’t Be A Sheep In The Herd If You Want To Have Any Success

There are hundreds of tips that you’ll come across when you are looking up things about multi level marketing. What you are usually going to find is a bunch of people all telling you the exact same thing. Things like how you have to take advantage of social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. While you can get some nice traffic from these places, let me give you one of the network marketing secrets that most people aren’t going to tell you.

Stop being a sheep in the herd! Put yourself in the position of someone who is searching for some real home based business tips. What do you think it looks like when all you see are people doing the same exact video’s where they are standing out in the yard, in the pool or hanging out on the beach? Then once you watch one or two of them, you begin to notice they are all saying the exact same thing! This whole business, with all it’s multi level marketing tips, and that’s what people do?

The sole foundation of multi level marketing is based around being a leader. It’s leaders that people join and not “opportunities” right? So if everyone is doing the exact same thing with the exact same video’s, who exactly is separating themselves as an actual leader?

This brings me back to my point about the social networking sites that so many network marketing success tips are based upon these days. The truth is you can kill hours, days, weeks and even months on these networks and never make one dime! “Build a following” everyone is told, but how do you seriously build a following if you haven’t done anything that is worth following?

Here’s one of the best network marketing tips you’re going to hear. Go against the grain! Don’t be that person standing on the beach or hanging out in your pool. Do something different and you will be surprised how much more noticeable you will become to others because of it. Instead of trying to “build” a following, why not let your following build itself!

You can build a social media following in a matter of seconds once you have built relationships with the people you need to have success. There are things you can do that will force people to find out more about you, where you came from and exactly what you are doing. Once you have that, you’ll have as big of a social media following as you want and it will have built itself.

Don’t be just another face in the crowd! There are enough people doing that already.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tip – Focus on Your Home Page Primary Keyword

Local businesses that determine their primary keyword and design their home page around it distinguish themselves from much of their competition and rise to the top of search engine rankings.

What is your primary keyword?

A keyword is the word or phrase typed into an internet search engine to search for information. Roughly 70% of all internet traffic originates with user initiated searches, keywords are the glue that hold the internet together.

The starting point is keyword research. This process strives to uncover every term that might be used by someone looking for you website. These terms are then evaluated as to how well they describe the business taking into account the frequency of searches, search result competition, and implied intent.

At this point select the best keyword to be your primary keyword. If you are in a decent sized market and new to this process, you won’t be on page one or even top few pages of search engine results for that term. The primary optimization objective is to achieve the best position possible for that term. This search term needs to become your online mission statement; the page is defined by the keyword, the content exists to support the keyword.

Local businesses’ primary keyword often consists of their location and a popular common term for the business. For example, “phoenix plumber” is a likely primary keyword for a plumbing business in Phoenix. Bland perhaps, but frequently the optimum for traffic, searcher intent, and description of the business. In larger or highly competitive markets targeting a specific aspect of the business may be a preferred.

Why concentrate on the primary keyword?

Primary keyword focus contributes to effective design.

Home page design decisions are simplified by knowing and targeting the businesses’ primary keyword. If for example your primary keyword is “phoenix plumber,” the page is your targeted response to someone who just pressed “search” looking for a “phoenix plumber.”

A solid search engine result for one keyword outperforms mediocre results for several.

Free search engine traffic for location specific keywords is the Yellow Pages alternative and lifeblood for many small business online marketing efforts.

Click through rates are exponentially dependent on the search result position. Page one is essential for predictable traffic; position on page one critical to the volume of traffic. Each page one organic result will receive 1.2 to 1.4 times the clicks as the listing directly below it.

Total traffic is maximized by focus on achieving the best possible search engine result position for the most appropriate keyword rather than attempting to generate search results for multiple terms.

Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits from specific page placement of the primary keyword

In evaluating web pages search engines assign weighted importance to page elements. Locations such as the title, header, the last paragraph and description are important for search relevance. Primary keyword placement in these locations is a proven search engine optimization technique. Search engines give Correctly implemented, human visitors are validated as well through clear communication that the page is about what they are looking for.

What about all the other search terms that describe my business?

Complementary and secondary search terms are not sacrificed as one might imagine, they often perform better with solid page optimization when included as thematically consistent supporting content.

Consistent traffic requires being on page one for terms with measurable usage. There is little benefit to the top position for “phoenix residential bathroom plumbers.” A page with the primary keyword “phoenix plumber” can rank well for this term if it is emphasized correctly as a service area of the business.

Keywords with consistent traffic volumes and potential for achieving good search results are candidates for their own internal landing page.


When building a small or local business website, determine you primary keyword and build your home page around it. This will assist in generating consistent content, maximizing target traffic, and supporting prospects for your product or service.

Three Home Business Network Marketing Tips to Get You Going Fast

If you’re looking for some home business network marketing tips then this article is going to help you. I have been involved in network marketing for very long time and have had a really tough time when it comes to building a business. It’s funny when you think about it, because all of my upline mentors always told me that taking a business on the Internet will ultimately kill your organization. Fortunately though this has not been the case because I have been able to build an online business through network marketing for the past years.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Write articles. Write articles based on your niche and in this case it will be network marketing, personal development, making money at home with a home business, there are so many different directions to go in. When you write articles you submit them to different places and article directories. From here people who are searching the Internet and looking through the article directory can see what you wrote and if they like what you said, there’s a good chance that they will be visiting your website which is usually located on the bottom of the article. This strategy takes consistency but it works very well.

2. Understand social networks. Now I do not know how great social networks are to promote but I know they are great to build your Internet presence. They are great place to build relationships with people and you should keep it at that. By getting to know these types of networks, you will meet interesting individuals that can possibly give you helpful information also but more importantly you want to build networks with people. Remember you are in the network marketing business so building networks should be your primary goal.

3. The biggest tip that I can give you would be to separate yourself from negative influences right now. You’re in the network marketing business and it is one of the most mis-understood businesses out there. 97% of people fail and the reason this is the case is because they were not mentally prepared to get involved with this type of venture. Most people who fail always have bad things to say about it because they rather not point the finger at themselves, they would much rather point fingers at the company. You’re not going to get anywhere if you continue to talk these types of people so when it comes to business make sure you block them out of your mind.

If you continue to listen to the negative statements, you will become negative yourself and you’re not going to achieve what you truly want within this business.