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Network Marketing Tips – 3 Tips That Will Help You Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Growing your network marketing business can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Especially when the marketing methods you’re using aren’t effective. So, what I’m going to do is share with you some network marketing tips.

That way, you will know what to do to grow your downline.

The tips on growing your business are:

1. The first thing you can do to grow your network marketing business is find your target market. This will be people who are already interested in what you have to offer. You will be able to add a lot of people into your downline once you know who the right people are for your products and business.

The problem that most network marketers face is, they’re not sure who their target market is. Their upline tells them to pass out samples, brochures, and DVDs to everyone. Well, all you’re doing is wasting money. Those people aren’t the right people.

2. Another one of the network marketing tips that will help you is to have an irresistible offer. Your offer should get your target market’s attention, get the interested, create desire for what you’re offering, and then make them take action. This is one of the simplest ways to build your downline.

3. The third tip that will help you grow your network marketing business is to have an effective marketing system. Your system should help you attract your target market to you. And it should also help you present an irresistible offer to your target market. Your downline should also be able to use your system.

Network Marketing Tips – The Truth About Network Marketing

MLM is possibly the only industry, where you can write your own check. It is open to everyone, who has a dream. But the problem is most aren’t prepared to run a true business.

After burning themselves out and getting back less than what they put in, network marketers start to believe in the ‘network marketing scam’ myth.

These network marketing tips will help you cut through the clutter in your brain so you can discover what you have to keep an eye on, so success in business can really become something you simply do.

Your Network Marketing Tips are below, read them carefully. Your financial future could depend on how well you comprehend the next 3 tips.

There is an awful lot of hype and I won’t lie, I’ve fallen victim to at least 10 promises of business enhancing offers and needless to say, they didn’t provide me with the solutions I wanted. The truth is you only need to learn how to manage these 3 factors to have the success you desire. Read them now and learn the truth.

Tip 1- Manage Your Money

Your money is nothing but paper or an electric current. Learn how to manage this first because money doesn’t have a life, you are the one who has to use it. Learn how to invest properly and do not get taken in by claims made by gurus promising you the world if you only just buy their products.

Do not quit your job just yet. Invest wisely and make sure you have enough money to pay your business expenses. Save a little from what you have left over, after expenses and look only for products offering solutions to your current problems.

Tip 3- Manage Your Time

I don’t care what anyone says. If you can’t manage your time, then you can’t be successful in business no matter how much money you have.

Manage your time and remove distractions. Write out a daily business plan for the week and stick to it. Make time for it even if it is only for 4 hours a day.

Switch off your cell, lock your doors and allow no one to disturb you. Do not check e-mail or any other stats or numbers until you have completed what you outlined in your business plan.

Spend 90% of your time implementing and 10% learning the various ways of attracting network marketing leads to you.

This habit will pay you more than anything else.

Tip 3- Manage Your Relationships

This may not make sense but its the one thing that will make keep you sane. They say that ‘too much of something is not good for you’. I learnt this the hard way.

Its been proven by science, we all need to manage our relationships with our family, friends and everyone else that matters especially when it comes to network marketing prospecting if we want to lead balanced lives and become confident.

In Abraham Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs the third motivating factor is Love. Before Love, we search to satisfy our physical needs, like breathing, eating and the like.

The second need is security. The need to feel safe, to make sure no harm comes to us after we have satisfied our physical needs.

The last 2 are taken care of by modern society. The next comes love and then self-esteem and finally self actualization.

The need for Love is an evolutionary factor and has been ingrained in us for millions of years and trying to fight it is futile. Remember this and don’t jump steps.

These 3 network marketing tips are all you really need. Its really cause and effect. Your struggles in network marketing is the effect, which is caused by not managing the above 3 successfully.

Network Marketing Tip – Defeat the Big Bad Wolf, Be the Third Little Pig!

So… What is the desired result of every Network Marketing Tip? Well, we both know that it is to generate more quality leads and make more money – Right?

But, how do you make that happen?

By now you have become a member of a Network Marketing business and you attended your first corporate meeting, got really excited, and you went back to your house and started making your list of family and friends. You are going to your company’s old school marketing training and you’re leaving your business cards all over the place, you talk to to people in line at the local bagel shop and even try to get your kids swimming coach to join this amazing opportunity you’ve found.

And for some unknown reason, you’ve worked through your ‘warm’ leads and all you see at the bottom of your pockets is blue fuzz and no green dollars!

So have you seriously considered just what you are selling? Seriously?

And you say, “Bruce, we have 25 different juices and vitamins – those are what I am selling.”

But let’s just step back and think about that for a minute. Of course you have numerous product that you are selling, but really, is that what ? Think about what your prospect is buying. Think about when you first got started in your opportunity – what was the main factor in your final decision?

This brings me to the story of the Three Little Pigs:

As the tale is told the First Little Pig built his home from straw. He had just joined Piglet Berry MLM and he was sharing their products with everyone from his home. He was giving it all he had, but at day’s end when the Big Bad Wolf came knocking…

“Knock, knock” and “POOF”!

All it took was a ferocious blow from the wolf to crumble his home.

Then, that same day, his MLM called him and they went out of business with no warning! He quickly realized that promoting their products initially was exactly like him living in a straw house and as quickly as they were out of business, he was out of business too – immediately. He realized quickly that he had no control over his future and ran to his second brother’s home.

The Second Little Pig see’s his first brother coming, opens the door and quickly welcomes him into his home made of sticks. Now inside and feeling secure, the Second Little Pig decides to share his new MLM opportunity with his first brother. He lets him know how great it is and all about the vacations he is going to go on and about all of the endless buffets that will be at their conferences and oh what fun it will be.

He goes to the closet and brings out his stand and white board and shows him exactly how he is going to find financial wealth quickly by sponsoring all the other piglets he works with. The second brother is trying so vigorously to sell his first brother on the “Dream”, but he’s not buying it. Knowing that it’s all fast talk and after living in a home of straw, he’s a little weary of all the smoke and mirrors of this “Dream” his brother’s selling him. (Sounds like the builder who sold him his house of straw!) The Second Little Pig realizes it might be simpler to sell sand to an armadillo than to sell little pigs on the “Dream” and quits his MLM.

Then… “Knock, knock”

“POOOOF”, It’s the Big Bad Wolf again and down goes the house of sticks. And the first two brothers run to Third Little Pig’s house !

As they arrive at their brother’s home made of bricks, they perceive how well it is constructed. The effort and time that went into it’s construction and foundation. Their brother meets them as he’s just about to get on his laptop and attend a webinar training with some of his other network marketing team members. The first two brothers just sit in amazement at what they are hearing – No Sales Pitch At All! Well no sales pitch about their brother’s MLM. He’s just answering people’s questions and helping them with advice.

Then… “Knock, knock”

“POOOOOOF”, “POOOOF”, “Pooof”, “Puh…” Hah!! The Big Bad Wolf has met his match and leaves in frustration, because the foundation and house of bricks are too much for him! The Third Little Pig has defeated the wolf and never ever got up out of his chair!

Undisturbed inside the house of bricks…

The Third Little Pig’s training ends and the three brothers are sitting around having a snack when the phone rings… “Hi, Third Little Pig, would you please tell me about that attraction marketing you were discussing earlier and by the way… what is you business anyway? You were so helpful in answering our questions tonight, but you never even mentioned what company you are in and how you do it.” The first two brothers are awe-struck! As soon as the Third Little Pig is off the phone, the others say “We never have anyone call us! We cold call all day long and never talk to anyone who want to talk with us – it’s awful and it doesn’t work!”

Then the Third Little Pig shares his secret with them. He says “Here is the ultimate Network Marketing Tip for you that will change your results for all eternity and put you in a position of personal power and release you from the constraints of any MLM company that you join”.

The first two brothers interrupt How can we do that?”

Then the Third Little Pig replies to his brothers “Aha, you are starting to get it. I am selling ME first, not my company, not any products and not any crazy dreams. Pigs like pigs they get along with and can relate to. They like pigs who are helpful and teach them how to be successful versus attempting to sell them something like a used car dealer. And here is the best part! You too can do this just like me and have success beyond your craziest imagination, if you just give value to other pigs first, build relationships and help other pigs create their success – You too, will find your success.”

The End

A few parting thoughts: If you are still struggling in your network marketing company, most likely it is due to one of the following two reasons:

1. You flat out don’t have enough quality leads to talk to. (This problem is solved by first mastering your marketing skills and having a system in place to attract quality leads.)

2. You just aren’t calling back your leads. (Because it all seems like cold calling and that just stinks – even the toughest marketer will wear out in time. Lead with the value you provide first and people will naturally be attracted to you.)

Network Marketing Tip: By being yourself, leading with value and promoting you first, you will attract quality leads and you’re going want to call them back. So if your current marketing system makes you feel like you’re always cold calling, then I’d say it’s time you found yourself a new system for marketing!