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Internet Network Marketing Tips – 5 Ways to Guarantee Steady MLM Traffic

There are several internet network marketing tips that you need to be implementing in your business for best results. The core reason for promoting a network marketing business on the internet is to get prospects into your funnel without wasting time and effort chasing them down.

The attraction marketing process is such that prospects will respond to carefully placed messages and seek you out for further information. How do you do this?

Let’s take a look at the old methods firstly. You join a company, make a list, contact the people on the list and then invite them to an opportunity meeting in a few days. This is supposed to give you the kick start you need but the truth is, it rarely does and most people are just too intimidated to try it.

Internet Network Marketing Tips

Let’s take a look at the attraction marketing process and a better way to find interested prospects.

1. You create web properties. This is be in the form of a website, blog or web 2 sites. We recommended starting with a blog.

2. You put content on your site related to your niche. Whether it’s health or technology related, the content needs to educate your readers rather than sell.

3. Once your site is up you then start promoting. Write articles and submit them to article directories, bookmark your pages, submit your RSS feeds, place comments on authority blogs related to your niche.

4. Create a web 2 campaign using sites such as Squidoo, Hub Pages, Wetpaint, Ning and Multiply linking them back to your main site. Remember, the information you place on these sites should be of an educational nature and not hard sell.

5. You then promote your web 2 sites by bookmarking and submitting RSS feeds.

The difference here is you are creating your web 2 properties based around specific keywords so you’re actually targeting your audience. In other words, you’re placing your message in front of people who are actually looking for it and ready to receive it.

As far as internet network marketing tips go, this is the basic outline of the attraction marketing process and unless you’re using it then you will be left at the starting blocks as we head into a new era of network marketing promotions.

Network Marketing Tips: Finding Your Audience

The biggest lie in network marketing: You just have to find the right people.

This gets repeated, over and over, again and again. And it’s b.s.! (Forgive the language)

But to understand why this is a lie, we need to look a little deeper at what this means.

Who are the right people? Why do we have to find THEM?

First, let’s look at who the “right” people are. The same people who spout this “Find the right people” rhetoric would tell you, you need to find the go-getters, the already successful “sales-types”. They always make suggestions on who they think would be the most successful and never on who they think would benefit most.

Who would benefit from joining a network marketing business? Well, what are the benefits of these opportunities?

- The ability to claim daily living expenses as a business deduction.

- A product that is usually of better quality than competitors since these companies usually invest the money they save not paying for advertising into product development.

- A residual income that is earned working part time.

So, who would benefit most from more money, superior products, and paying less in taxes?

DUH! Anyone and everyone.

So if the “right” people are everywhere, why aren’t more people in network marketing?

Because most people haven’t had an opportunity presented to them in a way that they can understand.

Second, let’s look at the idea that WE have to find THEM. We definitely need to learn how to talk to people about our opportunity. But wouldn’t it be better to learn how to talk to people who were seeking us out? Every month hundreds of thousands of people are searching online for “ways to make money from home”, “make extra money online”, “network marketing opportunity”. And they only make up 8% of North Americans so far. As people continue to struggle in the new economy, more and more people will be turning to network marketing for extra income. They will be scouring the internet to find the opportunity that fits them. Let them find you.

Why are people teaching network marketing tips for how to talk to people who have no interest in a network marketing opportunity and how to handle their objections, when our time can be so much better spent positioning ourselves to be found by the hundreds of thousands of people who are searching to find us?

Finding an audience for your network marketing opportunity is as simple as creating an online presence so that your audience can find you.

Network Marketing Tip For Newbies

Network marketing can be a very exciting, challenging and rewarding business. In fact, if done properly, it can be one if the most lucrative careers any one person can undertake. But, the competition is fierce, and the learning curve very steep. But, don’t despair; this network marketing tip can help even the greenest of newbies get started the right way.

Anticipation and Excitement

Any new undertaking creates a heap of anticipation and excitement. You have made a life-changing decision to become a network marketer. After all, you’ve seen the testimonials. The internet is a mine and we are in the middle of a gold rush! There are plenty of success stories out there and plenty more to be written. Why can’t yours be among them? Right?

The Overwhelm

A few days go by, and you start to see the other side of network marketing. There’s competition around every corner. Some niches are so saturated, you feel like there is no way you could ever leave your mark. You study and research, and every time you turn, you are slapped with yet another acronym or catchy term to understand, study and master. SEO, PPC, Spiders, Organic Placement, Social Media, Banners, Blogs, Keywords,… The list goes on and on! How will you ever make it? What have you gotten yourself into?

First of all, breathe! Others have done it, and so can you! The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not rocket science, in spite of what it might feel like right now. Remember how you felt, or still feel, at your job. You probably felt quite familiar and comfortable with the work you did before. How did that make you feel? Pretty horrible, right? That’s why you’re even contemplating such a dramatic change in the first place. Nothing great comes out of feeling comfortable. Uneasiness and discomfort are the seed of greatness. So, if you feel overwhelmed, then, good! You are ready for the one tip that will help you sort all this out, as it did me.

The Secret

Here’s my best network marketing tip for newbies: FOCUS. Robert Kyosaki uses the word focus to mean the following: Follow One Course Until Successful. What does that mean for you? Well, take an hour or two to find the basic concept behind the major marketing strategies (PPC, SEO, Banner Advertising, Social Media Marketing, etc.). Read through a basic description of what each strategy entails. Review possible costs, risks, and benefits. (If your business does not offer training on these, a simple Google search will give you plenty of data to go by). Then, pick no more than 2 strategies that you find appealing. Commit to learning as much as you can on those 2 strategies, and ONLY those 2 strategies. As you learn something new about your chosen marketing methods, implement it immediately. Do not wait to feel comfortable or to fully understand. Just do it!

Stick to the one or two strategies you have chosen until you make progress with them and feel so comfortable using them that you could easily teach them to someone else. Only then should you even consider dabbling in something else. Become an expert and a master in your chosen strategy. You’ll look back at this initial frantic stage and laugh at how scared you were. You will also feel incredibly proud at how far you’ve come!