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Network Marketing Tip – Do You Know How to Manage Your Time?

Working from home, whether part or full time can present some practical challenges you must overcome if you want to be truly successful. One of these is time management. Unless you learn how to manage your time you will never get around to doing what MUST be done to be successful. Take this simple network marketing tip to heart and you will be doing yourself a massive favor. Let’s have a look at why this is VITAL for your success and what you can do to manage your time better.

I always smile when people tell me they want a home business of their own so they won’t have to work for a boss. What a great idea but are you really ABLE TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS? The reason why things get done in a job context is because there is a structure in place that provides for ‘policing’. This ensures that you do what you are meant to be doing. It’s not such an unreasonable idea. Put yourself in the shoes of a company owner. Wouldn’t you want to make sure you were getting what you were paying for? Why should it be any different with your own business?

The fact that you have no employees and it’s ALL UP TO YOU should make it even more urgent that you find a way to ensure important tasks like income generating activities get done. These must happen BEFORE you check the refrigerator for the third time in an hour, wash your upstairs drapes, watch re-runs of Oprah or catch up with friends for coffee. If you don’t, before know it the day will be over and you won’t have done anything towards making your business work. A network marketing business requires work and YOU have to do it until such time as you have enough residual income to retire.

You have to LEARN TO BE answerable to yourself and if you want to see results, I suggest you get a bit hard on yourself too. Perhaps you will understand now why some people find having their own business is so difficult. It’s because it’s ALL UP TO YOU. You have to be 100% responsible. If you are not willing to take on this role then go back to having a job.

Here are some additional tips to help you mange your time more effectively:

* Network Marketing Tip 1: Know how much time you have available to work on your business. Whatever number of hours you choose, stick with that number and work those hours regardless.

* Network Marketing Tip 2: Decide when you are going to work those hours. If you are doing this full time you may decide to work five hours a day. If you still have a job when exactly will you put in the hours? Before or after work? Week ends?

* Network Marketing Tip 3: Know what you are good at and what you can get someone else to do. It’s difficult to be good at everything and few of us are. Chances are you won’t have enough time to do everything yourself especially if you are not doing your business full time. For instance you may decide that one of the jobs you are going to outsource is the building of a website. Technical matters can very time consuming unless you are savvy in this area. You want to spend your time the best way possible. Outsource whatever you can as this will free you up to do what you are best at doing.

* Network Marketing Tip 4: Make a list of all the activities you will need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

* Network Marketing Tip 5: Find a tool to help you manage your time. This may be a ‘To do list” system, diary or other suitable tool.

The old cliché that time waits for nobody is especially true when you have your own business. Take control and MAKE TIME WORK for you.

Using Social Media For Marketing – A Network Marketing Tip

A very significant network marketing tip I can give you is a reminder that network marketing is still, and always, will be a people to people business. That doesn’t imply that using social media for marketing is inappropriate. It is not! But, the word “network” means just that, “network”. It has often been said that people join people, they do not join businesses or companies. In order to build a sustainable, duplicable business it is essential to put value into the market place, and attract people to you who know, like and trust you.

Using social media for marketing can help. Social media makes it easier than ever to meet new people and to use the tools and technology to conduct “in home meetings” half way around the world. Sadly social media is being abused and misused by an increasing number of poorly informed, misguided would be marketers who are being taught that spamming links is an acceptable way to use social media.

Now look, if you walked into a cocktail party, would you pick up a megaphone and start blasting your opportunity all over the room? I suspect, if you did this, you would be politely asked to leave and maybe the invitation to leave would be less than polite. You would also probably never be invited back.

The same is true in using social media for marketing. Groups on Facebook, for example, are like a cocktail party: a neat placer to mingle, meet and greet and make new friends, not a place for business.

Social Media is meant to be, well, social. It is OK to join groups and to meet people but not OK to blast your links all over the walls and in the comments.

So what is the correct way? Join groups that you have an interest in. For example, I love to Scuba dive so I might join a Scuba diving group. If I see someone I am interested in, I might send a message or follow them. After I have established contact, I might suggest we become friends. That avoids sending too many unsolicited friend requests that also can land you in Facebook “Jail”.

Once I have become a friend with someone, I might ask them if they are open to taking a look at my business. Then and only then, if they agree, I can send my link. Now I can follow-up with a phone call or a message and see if they have an interest in my opportunity.

This might seem slow and cumbersome and less expeditious than spamming my links all over the place like so much spaghetti on the wall but, in the final analysis, it will result in a more stable, profitable, duplicable business and after all, isn’t that what we want? So your network marketing tip for the day is, “Don’t spam your links all over social media”. Using social media for marketing with the goal to meet new friends and build long-term sustainable relationships is the correct way.

Network Marketing Tips – How to Propel Your 3% With Your 97%

About a year ago I was in Milwaukee Wisconsin and one of my personal mentors (Tom “Big Al” Schreiter) was speaking at a evening training class. One of the Network marketing tips that he shared with us had most of us setting on the edge of our sets. I knew there was something very profound in what he was going to say, so I honed into every word, not wanting to miss a thing.

This is what he said, “all the personal development, books, CD, workshops will not bring about your success”. In fact he said, ” it will only make you feel better about your Lack Of Success” when he made this statement people in the room shrieked. I guess people think if they read, listen to CD’s, watch videos, make mind movies on YouTube or mind boards it will bring success. This can’t be further from the truth. I truly hope I didn’t burst your bubble, but If I did, let me finish what else he said; Tom “Big Al” Schreiter went onto say, “97% of our success depends on personal development, but it’s the 3% that many are missing and that is Skills!”

There you have it your million dollar statement It’s this 3% that most people are missing. How many times have you ruined a perfectly good customer by your first sentence? You either will have people leaning into you wanting to know more or they will be leaning away from you and can’t wait for you to stop talking. You’re up-line may have said to you after you signed the dotted line, “there you are, now go out and talk with people…as many people as you can.” The problem is you don’t have the right skills to draw people into you.

I have a book I would like to share with you it’s called Success In 10 Steps in this book you will learn the pit-falls of MLM. You will also learn it’s not your fault that you’ve not been successful. You’ve been miss-informed, lied to or maybe not informed at all, just left to figure everything out on your own. Network marketing is not an “on your own” business model it’s made up of lots of people helping each other. By reading Success In 10 Steps you can save years of failure, frustration and money.