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Network Marketing Tips – One of the Greatest Keys to Becoming an Authority in This Business

Are you looking for network marketing tips that will help you become a huge authority with your home business?

Doing so as you know draws prospects to you, and to want to work with you. This is because they see that you know what you’re talking about, and that you have the goods to get them to where they want to be.

But becoming an authority takes some work, but it’s nothing that you can’t do I guarantee you.

Network Marketing Tips to Becoming a Great Authority That People Want to Work With

Let me ask you this…

What type of person is the type that makes YOU want to work with them? Is it the type of person that you feel like you know a bit about, or is it the type of person that you really know nothing about?

The fact is that people want to work with someone that they trust and feel like they know on a personal level…even if that’s not actually true. To have that happen, and make your prospects feel they know you, while at the same time feel like you REALLY know what you’re talking about, you must engage them in activity and conversation.

Now many people will hear that and think that they have to go out and talk to each person individually, but the fact is that you can communicate to an entire group of people while actually making each and every person in that group feel like they’re being engaged singularly.

The person who can do this the best in fact, in this industry WINS.

With that being said then, one of the best things that you can do…one of the most useful network marketing tips that I can give you…is to learn to speak to your prospects in a way that they feel like the conversation is a one on one conversation.

How do you do that?

One of the fastest and easiest ways is by the words you use. Everything you say in writing, in audio, or on video needs to be said as if you’re sitting across a table from someone speaking to them one on one.

You have to use the word YOU often. Talk more about them than yourself, while still giving enough information about yourself that they feel as though they actually know you a bit. Little tidbits of “personal” information, and/or personal stories is a great way to create that effect.

Never address the group as you guys, or my subscribers, or my prospects. Everything is YOU, YOU, YOU! This will create that effect.

The next is to simply speak like you talk. Don’t worry about being so grammatically correct all the time. Just speak as though you were speaking with your best friend…even if that means using slang, or not-so-g-rated type of language. Whatever engages the audience!

But most of all don’t be phony. There’s no need. If you genuinely enjoy the interactions that you have with your prospects they will see this from a mile away, and therefore they will enjoy the interactions more as well, and when you do that while at the same time creating tremendous value for them…you’re nearly locked in!

Of all the network marketing tips I can give you, you REALLY need to take this one and make it your own.

Network Marketing Tip – Why Telling Prospects Your Business is Easy Could Be Working Against You

I get annoyed when I hear business presentations that focus on how easy ‘XYZ business’ is and how ‘anybody can do it.’  If it was so easy why do we have so many people who never experience any success? 

Nothing worthwhile comes without an effort and let’s face it, if this type of business which we know for a fact can be extremely lucrative was so easy, then we would have a lot more people who not only thought it was a great idea but who would be very wealthy.

A network marketing business may have less barriers to entry especially from a cost point of view in comparison with the traditional business model and it may use a simple business system but that does not mean it’s easy. Why not? Because while the company, products and opportunity may be excellent and the system easy to learn, one cannot account for the human factor which is unique to everyone.

That’s not to say that some people won’t  find it very easy. They find it easy because they learn the simple system quickly which everybody should be able to do but more than this, if success does come quickly to them, it’s because they have developed their mindset sufficiently for this to happen.

Each person who joins us in business, brings his or her own set of circumstances and self limiting beliefs to the table and which each will need to learn to overcome if they are to be successful. The greatest network marketing tip I can give you is that you should above everything else develop your mindset and help your team members to develop theirs. Once this is done the rest will fall into place naturally.

I am absolutely convinced that the reason why so many people give up in this industry is because they do not have the mindset to get them though the challenges that come up in anything that takes us outside our comfort zone. This is why so many people go from company to company and are never successful. They are missing the real reason why success eludes them. It’s also the reason why so many successful people go from one company to the other and become top earners in each.

Instead of looking for prospects who are impressed with empty words about the ease with which this business can be done, we should rather be telling them that the business uses a simple system which is very easy to learn but real success will depend on how willing they are to develop their mindset to be in business. If we did this we would have a lot less people out there with diminished self esteem which we have contributed to.

There is of course a way when interviewing potential team members to get a sense of whether the person may have what it takes to be successful:

Ask them a question along the lines of, ‘Can you think of a time when you were confronted with a challenge. How did you prepare to meet it, what did you do when obstacles arose and what happened in the end?’ 

You want to hear about any challenges that may have taken them outside of their comfort zone. This could be anything that was a challenge for the person concerned. It could include things like; learning to play a musical instrument or new language, being faced with any serious medical issue, running a marathon etc. If they can tell you about one such time, ask whether they have had any others and keep asking. The more challenges they have had in their life, the more likely they will be able to rise to the challenge of having their own successful business too.  If they are successful then you will be too.

Network Marketing Tip – Warm Market Strategy

This is going to be a network marketing tip on developing an effective warm market strategy which hopefully will help you in your network marketing recruiting as a whole. I was getting ready to do a tutorial on working your network marketing warm market and I realized that most people don’t know how to recognize who their warm market is.

Who Is Your Warm Market?

I think identifying your warm market may be the hardest thing for people to understand even though it is probably the easiest to recognize. When you first start out in your network marketing enterprise, you are told to make a list and of course on this list you include your friends and family, most people consider this their warm market. I hate to say this but I have a lot of people I am friendly that are not part of my warm market and I come from a huge family and I don’t even talk to most of my relatives.

If it is not my friends and family, then who is in my warm market? There are probably only 5-10 people in your warm market, these are your very closest confidants, people you would call if your car broke down on a cold foggy night and you know they would come and pick you up. These very special people are not the people you want to be pitching your business to but they will be pretty upset it they were unaware of your opportunity, especially if you are making boat loads of money.

So How Do You Present To Your Warm Market?

This is a technique I was told about a while back and I have heard it from other of network marketing’s best recruiters. I’ve used this strategy and it really works great. Your true warm market will know you are involved with this “network marketing thing”, knowing that works to your advantage.

The best thing to do is to call your friend and say something to the effect, “Hey Jim, could I asked you for your help with something?” Jim will say yes because he wants to help out his friend. You then say “You know I have been involved with network marketing, I just got into this company and I have put together a presentation, (or I want you to look at a presentation) that I will be showing to people, could you watch it and then ask me as many questions as you can think of. I want to be prepared to answer as many questions people may have that I haven’t thought of. I know if anyone is going to ask intelligent, challenging questions, it’s going to be you.”

Jim will say yes and you show him the presentation. After the presentation, you ask Jim if there are any questions he has about the company. Take notes and answer as many questions as you can. After the question and answer session, ask Jim what he “Liked” about the presentation, whatever he liked about it, you agree with Jim and tell him something like “yeah, isn’t that great” or “I liked that too”.

The None Pitch, Pitch.

You don’t want Jim to feel he was given a pitch, unless he shows a genuine interest about getting into you business, and continues to pursue the issue, start talking about things you would normally talk about, sports, whatever. When you are getting ready to say your goodbye’s, thank Jim for all his help and then leave the door open, say something along the lines of “Thanks for all your help Jim, if you there are any other question you can think of, I would appreciate it if you could let me know, Thanks again for all your help.”

That’s it, you didn’t pitch your friend Jim and he felt like he helped. Because Jim was thinking of questions to ask you, these were probably the objections he would have about the business, if you were able to answer those objection to his satisfaction then that’s perfect. The great thing about using this approach on your warm market is, you are off the hook and they can’t ever be upset because they we not exposed to opportunity. When you are doing great at your business, they will know what you are doing, at some point they will even want to join you and you will have never pitched them.