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Pitching and Doing the Hard Sell – Network Marketing Tips

This is one of my favourite conversations to have with anyone, No! Not the pitch. But why is MLM put in this bizarre category that you have to hard sell or pitch it to anyone? There are hundreds, literally thousands of people daily who want to get involved in the industry, and they are actively searching online as we speak.

MLM is a business and when people want to get into business they actively search out mentors, they do their own research & make a sensible decision to embark on their new venture. The hard sell in MLM has truly given the industry a bad rap. Out of all the advice I can give you this would be the number one Network Marketing Tip.

Every single time I have started any new form of business or venture I have actively looked for it, I made the effort to make a change in my life. I was not approached by anyone in a random situation and thought “heck yeh! That is a mighty fine idea”

That is not to say I have not learnt from my mistakes, believe me you would not have wanted to sit next to me on a plane for any length of time in my early years. The few people I did recruit in those situations did not do well, they loved the idea of it all, and it can all sound very glamorous. But they were not at a time in their lives where they were truly looking, they were pitched into it! From experience anyone that has been “pitched into it” will not do well.

So after all the years of MLM being a successful business model, but somehow having this dark cloud hanging over it, could this be a result of years of people pitching and hard selling the business to anyone who stands still for more than 20 seconds. Just think about it for a few moments, it really is complete insanity.

You have someone in the elevator and they are in their own little world and busy in their own head, thinking of how they are going to get that book out of their head and onto the paper, or putting the final touches on that invention that has been in the cupboard for the last five years, or they could even been thinking of what they are going to grab at the shops on the way home for dinner. Then someone jumps in the elevator, they don’t know them from Adam and they get straight into their 3 minute elevator pitch? Reading this in the light of day you must see the insanity, the person on the receiving end of the pitch doesn’t even comprehend what it is you are talking about apart from the fact they think you are insane.

So if you want to be successful in MLM, please start taking a look at your business and think of it as a business and who you would like to attract into your business. Go about it as if you are truly in business and approach it from a professional perspective not just a crazy person trying to sell 2kg of minced meat to a room full of vegetarians.

The best way to get your MLM business off the ground, is to work on you. Hone your skills and learn as much as you can so you can then spend your time attracting the people you would like in your business not running around chasing your tail and begging, pitching, coercing anyone and everyone to join you in your new fabulous life.

Make your life fabulous and they will come!!

You will be happier, more focused on the task at hand and will have less emotional turmoil to deal with.

ENJOY! To your success

Di Couch

Network Marketing Tips That Even Big Foot Will Tell You Doesn’t Work!

There are an enormous number of network marketing tips that don’t work and I’m really tired of it. I remember at the beginning of my career when I was always told, “the money is in the followup, the money is in the follow up.” How many of you reading this follow up with people all the time and get absolutely no results? How many people do you think do this and have still not sponsored a single person? Why do you think 97% of people online are failing? Because they are listening to people or companies who are teaching them 1990′s tips for network marketing.

Let me let you in on a little secret. The money is not in the follow. This is network marketing tip that needs to die. Chasing people will not make you more money. Think about. Do most network marketing superstars call people or to people call them? You know the answer, people call them. So then why are most people doing this tip that doesn’t work. We all have been told that to be successful in whatever field, just do what a successful person in that field do. Instead most people do the complete opposite not knowing that people that are actually successful don’t do that.

So your probably asking yourself, “should I do then if the network marketing tips I was told, are not what I should be doing?” Well what you want to do is use attraction marketing and get people to pursue you. You do this by establishing yourself as a leader. Everyone who is not where they want to be in life is looking for a leader. That leader to take them by the hand and guide them to success. So it is your job to get in front of these people and show them you are the leader that they are looking for. If you can do this people will be chasing you just like Guru network marketers are being chased and pursued.

So the next time someone tells you the money is in the follow up, think about what successful network marketer’s really do. One thing is for sure, they do chase people, people chase them.

The Top 5 Internet Network Marketing Tips

There are a few key internet network marketing tips you need to employ if you want your internet network marketing business to be a success. The primary reason for promoting your network marketing business online is to attract prospects to your business funnel and avoid the effort and wasted time of trying to chase them down.

In other words it’s about learning to become the hunted instead of the hunter. The reality is when you learn to effectively market you won’t have to “prospect”.

The process of attraction marketing involves prospects positively responding to messages you have submitted carefully online. In attraction marketing prospects actually start looking for you to obtain further information. So,how does this work?

First a quick look at the old-school ways of prospecting. It typically begins with joining a network marketing company, then compiling a list, initiating contact with those on the list and inviting them to attend a meeting to review your opportunity. This process should be the beginning point for your business, but the truth is that method rarely results in massive success.

Internet Network Marketing Tips

I want to show you the simple process of attraction marketing and an improved method of attracting massive amounts of pre-sold prospects into your business funnel.

1. Learn to effectively use the internet. This could be through the creation of a blog, a website, or the use of Web 2.0 properties. I recommended that you start with an effective blog.

2. Publish valuable content on your website that relates to your specific niche. It could be related to nutrition or property, but it’s important that it provides educational information to readers of your site rather than a sales pitch.

3. Once your site is operational then start your promotion campaign. Start writing some articles and submitting these to article directories. Add bookmarks to your pages, place comments on blogs that relate to your market, and submit RSS feeds.

4. Create a marketing campaign using web 2.0 sites like Hub Pages, Ning, Squidoo. Wetpaint, and Multiply, and create links back to your website. You need to remember that the content you submit to these websites needs to educate and inform and not give a sales pitch.

5. Then market your web 2.0 websites by using bookmarks and the submission of RSS feeds. What you are now doing is targeting your market using web 2 websites that involve the use of carefully selected keywords. Simply put, you are submitting your message to an audience that is seeking out the information and is eager to read it.

With regards to these 5 internet network marketing tips, this article provides a basic foundation of the attraction marketing process. If you don’t use it then you will not get your business off the ground and launch it into the new attraction internet network marketing age of extraordinary profits.

Most people still need help in connecting the dots & putting it all together. So… to get the help you need to grow YOUR internet network marketing business click here for step by step internet business training.