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Internet Network Marketing Tips to Grow Your MLM Business Fast

Having a workable system is one of the keys in maintaining a steady growth curve in your internet network marketing business. Without a system your results will either be non existent or at best haphazard.

There are no shortage of internet network marketing tips floating around today but sorting the good from the bad is almost an effort in itself. In this article, we will give you an outline of how to maximize your potential for attracting a regular flow of prospects into your business funnel.

Internet Network Marketing Tips

If you are just making the transition from offline to online network marketing then you need a plan. Here are five tips which will ensure you get on the right track attracting the lifeblood your business needs…leads.

1. Start with article marketing. Don’t just write one article and hope it brings in a flood of leads but write articles on a consistent basis. We suggest writing a minimum of two a month for the first month and submit them to at least six of the major article directories on the web.

2. Commence a web 2 campaign. There are no shortage of web 2 sites to use but make sure you build your sites focusing on one keyword phrase. For example, if you are targeting the term internet marketing tips then that is what your site should be about.

3. Build a blog. Platforms such as WordPress are excellent and blogs give you the opportunity to brand yourself. Branding is all too often overlooked by network marketers and the reason you want to do this is to provide valuable information to your readers so you can start earning their trust and respect as being someone who knows what they are talking about.

4. Comment on other people’s blogs. Look for blogs related to your topic and read the content. When you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute leave a comment with a link back to either your blog or a web 2 site.

5. Join respected forums dedicated to internet network marketing tips and get involved. Forums allow you to leave a signature at the end of your post but don’t add it right away. Make a few posts and earn some respect within the forum before adding it.

3 Offline Network Marketing Tips

If you are struggling in the network marketing industry, you are not alone. It seems that every network marketer needs more leads and more money to run their business. Here are three great low-cost methods that are effective to create leads into your business offline. These tips absolutely do work with some power!

Drop your hundred dollar bills when you are going about your every day activities! No, I don’t mean your real bills. I mean ones that look exactly like the real deal! Who is going to walk by a hundred dollar bill without picking it out? I know I wouldn’t.

I recommend getting these out in the hundreds per week. You should have a two minute recorded call number on the bill and a call to action so they follow through with the dial. Check your messages every day and call your new leads!

You can drop them in stores and malls. Put them in magazines or even jeans on the rack. Place them in gas stations where the receipt comes out. There are a million things you can do with drop cards.

Another great offline network marketing tip for creating leads is locating magazines in the niche that your product or service is in. You can advertise pretty cheap in these magazines and you won’t be competing with other network marketers. Make sure you place a decent ad perhaps with a website or recorded call.

The third way I recommend is to go to networking events. This is a great way to find business owners that are looking for extra income streams in this economy.