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Network Marketing Tip – Four Secrets to Writing Hot Network Marketing Articles

Network Marketing is not about pushing your business opportunity or products on to as many people as you can but rather understanding how you can help others by providing them with valuable information to help solve their problems. Once a relationship has been formed and a level of trust established, they may want to know more about what you do and then you can tell them.

Article marketing is an ideal vehicle for providing valuable content to others but as with all strategies, unless you understand how it works, you will have little success. In this network marketing tip article I want to share four secrets with you for writing effective network marketing articles.

Secret 1: Write about what people want to know not what you think they want to know:

People use the Internet to find out information by using search engines for answers. Unless your article comes up when people search for something specific,  few people will know about and read your articles. Do your research. What are people searching for online?  What valuable information related to these problems do you have to share? What key words do they use when they search? When you know the answer to this then you can base your article around these keywords.

Secret 2: Your title must sell the article: 

You want people to read your article which they will only do if the title pulls them in. Use keywords in your title and if possible present the problem and the solution as a benefit. For example, “Network Marketing Leads – How To Track Network Marketing Leads Without Losing Any Unnecessarily”

Secret 3: Deliver on your promise: 

If your title offers a solution then make sure the content of your article does just that. Readers want to feel as if it was worthwhile investing their time by reading your article. If they don’t and this happens too often they will stop reading your articles.

Secret 4: Connect your article with you: 

The body of your article should offer valuable content and not be a sales letter from you. If people feel they are being sold to they will discard your article before reading to the end. Obviously the purpose of writing an article is to market. You do this by connecting the body of your article with your resource box which is where you place a link to one of your sites. Write a brief conclusion to your article in the resource box not in the content section and then invite them to click on your link (make sure it works) to read more or find out further how you can help them. By doing this people are more likely to follow your article all the way down to the resource box as readers are automatically programmed to want a conclusion to what they have been reading.

Most People Fail in MLM Because They Don’t Follow These 4 Network Marketing Tips

You read it right in the title… most people struggle in the MLM industry and it’s because most people don’t follow these 4 MLM tips I’m about to teach you right now.

Before we get into all the good stuff I want you to understand that this industry isn’t the easiest business, but if you stay persistent with it, then it can create a lot of time and freedom for you and your family.

… So now that we all know the benefits that this industry can provide let me give you the 4 network marketing tips that will help you reach your goals.

4 Tips That Will Get You to The Top…

Have A Routine:

This one is very important…

Almost every network marketer who joins this industry starts part-time because they can’t afford to start full-time.

The best way to work around this is to create a routine so you can create more time to work on your business… every minute counts when you are working part-time.

If you don’t create a routine you will find yourself struggling to find time to work on your network marketing business.

Now to the next tip…

Prospect Daily:

You always need to be prospecting…

The moment you stop prospecting your business STOPS, and the moments you start prospecting then… your business starts to GROW again.

My recommendations for you is to prospect passively… this way you lose the rejection part of prospecting.

You can do this by placing ads in the paper, putting up flyers, or any other marketing method.

The key here is to get people coming to you… this will save you time and it will eliminate the rejection part of prospecting.

Now to FOCUS and Commitment…

Your Business Needs Your Focus And Commitment:

Another Network Marketing tip I want to mention is Focus…

You need to make sure you are fully committed to your business and your company.

Put everything into your business as if it is a million dollar business and then it will become a million dollar business… and don’t be one of those guys who jumps from company to company hoping to make it big…

You need to stay FOCUSED on one business and one business only… This isn’t leap-frog.

Now for the last tip…

Automate Your Business:

The reason we got in this industry is because we want time and freedom and the best way to do this is to automate your business.

Now I can’t tell you how to do this because it would take forever, but I can lead you to a system where you can learn how to automate your business… go to the resource box to learn more about that system.

There you go, you now have the 4 tips that can get you and your MLM business off to a great start… NOW go take action!

Helpful Time Management Network Marketing Tips

One of the main reasons a lot of people fail in their MLM endeavor is because they are not smart with their time. You can have a ton of ambition and a generous amount of drive, but if you are not efficient with your time, you are never going to get ahead. It can be easy to get distracted or plan on working tomorrow or all weekend, but if there is no follow through, there will be no network marketing success.

Understanding the Importance of Time

One of the most important network marketing tips to always remember is that time is valuable. You need to make the most of your time, especially if you are doing this part-time until you get going, so you can keep your other job. Yes, it will feel as though you are working two fulltime jobs for a while, but the reward will be worth the effort.

Create yourself a schedule; write down when you will work and even pencil in breaks. You may even want to write to-do lists or tasks for when you are scheduled to work to help you stay focused and productive. The more you write down, the more you will hold yourself accountable. Plus, you will not be mad because you forget to make an important call; if it is on the list, it will get done!

Turn Down Meetings

Some people are under the impression that they need to meet with every interested person, in order for them to achieve network marketing success. This is far from true. Remember, your time is valuable; so choose who you will make time for thoughtfully. As long as you have done your job training your team, there is no reason why they can’t take the meetings and pre-qualify the potential candidates. Unless you are absolutely positive that they are a good match for you, you really should not be wasting your time.

Invest Time in Your Team

Investing in your team is another one of the more important network marketing tips. A lot of people will tell you to focus on building your team and selling, but you don’t need quantity; you need quality. Your team should be an extension of you. The more trust you have in them the more responsibilities they can handle, which allows you to devote your precious time to other tasks. When your team achieves networking marketing success, so will you!