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3 Network Marketing Tips For Modern Day Internet Network Marketing

Here are three network marketing tips to help you get going and on your way to success in modern day, internet network marketing. Often you’ll find that when you get in the right mindset about MLM, you will get the success you desire that much quicker.

The first of the MLM tips is to forget hounding friends and family to either join your business. For the most part, they are probably not even interested in what you or your business has to offer, so why bother them? Instead, focus on actual marketing and looking for people who are actively seeking a solution to a problem that your product or business can solve.

The second of the modern day network marketing tips is to lose how to use the internet. Whether you are going to market your products straight away, or try and recruit business builders, if you are not using technology to help create leverage in your business, you are going to be left behind. You can reach an absolutely enormous audience by using the internet to reach them.

The final of the network marketing tips we will go over here is to build a subscriber list with an autoresponder. When you build your own subscriber list, you insulate yourself from problems with your company or even if you decide you’ve found a better offer somewhere. Just send a message out to your list and, poof, instant response and people looking at your opportunity.

If you want to learn more great network marketing tips, read below and click on the link for more information.

Ultimate Network Marketing Tip – Don’t Follow Up on Your Network Marketing Leads

What kind of idiot would tell you that a network marketing tip is to not follow up on your network marketing leads? This idiot who is the author of this article. But first, let me clarify this network marketing tip.

I am not saying that someone desiring success in network marketing should generate network marketing leads and then never call or email them. That is not what I am saying at all. What I’m saying is that you should not call and call and call a lead to the point that you are chasing them. In my humble opinion you should generate a lead and call until you speak to an actual person. I would say call 3 to 5 times. Do not leave messages. If after 5 calls you do not get the lead on the phone, then leave a message, but only one message. Do not call them back again.

Also, when you finally do speak to a lead and you put them through an interview process (and you had better make it an interview instead of a sales pitch or you are dead in the water) you collect a decision. If they say they don’t have the money to join or they need to think about it or they need to talk to the wife or whatever, you give them a link to a site to take a look at and your phone number and tell them to call you back when they are ready. Then, if they call you back, you sponsor them. If they never call you again, do not call them again. Move on.

I guess the ultimate network marketing tip would be, “don’t chase your network marketing leads, have them chase you.” The reason why you should never hound, stalk, or chase people to join your business is that by doing so you do not position yourself correctly. When you collect a decision as to whether or not someone wants to join your business you are really collecting a decision as to whether or not that prospect wants to follow you to get to where they want to be in life. In order for the prospect to join he or she must believe that you are someone who will lead them to their goal. In other words, you must positions yourself as a leader. People follow a leader. Leaders do not chase followers.

Network Marketing Tips and Training: The Importance of Having a Mentor

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at network marketing or just beginning you will run into roadblocks or will need to make decisions where you will need guidance from someone with experience in the MLM business. In this network marketing tips and training we’ll discuss why having a mentor will help you to begin earning that 6 figure MLM paycheck you’ve been wanting.


An important thing about mentors, in this network marketing tips and training article, is that they can help you to develop a strategy. You not only have to think of the short-term aspects of your network marketing business but also the long-term aspects. Trends change constantly on the internet, for example. Just look how fast social media moves. Think of how Google changes their requirements for pay-per-click. Think of how email marketing is still relevant but not as much as it once was. Marketing is fluid so in turn your network marketing business needs to be fluid. Anticipating and changing as technology changes the way people receive messages and build relationships is what will give you long-term success. Mentors can help you to plan and implement a strategy for change.


Another important thing about mentors, in this network marketing tips and training article, is that you can share ideas. There are times when you come to a place where you can’t figure out how to take your MLM business in a new direction or you need help with a new marketing channel to better connect with prospects. Mentors will help teach you what systems to put in place to market effectively so that you don’t have to stumble around. Mentors are helpful to discuss aspects of your business that will help you grow.

Role Playing

Mentors, in this network marketing tips and training article, are also good to help you practice your scripts with role-playing. They’ll tell you exactly what you should be doing, saying and will even how you should be saying it so that you can fine tune your approach. When prospects are asking you questions that you weren’t prepared to answer in your script you can go over those with your mentor and find out what you can say.

Mentors can be overlooked when researching network marketing tips and training, but are very important to keep you motivated and on the right track. Having the right mentor to guide you through how to market, how to put systems in place, how to automate and how to strategize will take you to your financial goals faster than you could do it yourself. It doesn’t mean there won’t be work, but at least you can hit the ground running and avoid some mistakes that can cripple your network marketing business.