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Network Marketing Tips: 2 Questions for Your Prospect After the Opportunity

We all know of the expression, “close the deal.” Especially in the network marketing industry, you must be able to close the deal with a prospect.

I am not an expert in sales, but I would like to share with you this network marketing tip, specifically 2 key questions you must ask your prospect once they have seen your opportunity.

First, let’s qualify what I mean by, “once they have seen your opportunity.” These questions should not be asked until the prospect’s second exposure to the business opportunity, with one of the exposures having been seeing a video or formal presentation.

I believe a person is not able to provide a correct response to your questions until they have seen your entire business opportunity. It’s not enough that the prospect be only exposed to an informal meeting or something similar.

1. Just after your prospect has seen your network marketing opportunity, ask the following: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “I’m not interested” and 10 being “sign me up right now,” where does your interest lie?”

Nowhere in this comment do you read anything about asking the prospect what they think. Don’t EVER ask them that as it may be the worst question to ask. By doing so, you are opening up the Pandora’s box to all that is negative.

What does that mean? We are all programmed to be negative. When you ask an open-ended question such as “what do you think?” no matter what positive aspects existed on the opportunity, the prospect will only focus on the negative. This line of questioning may result in the prospect talking themselves out of your network marketing opportunity.

Returning to my question with respect to the scale of 1 to 10. By asking your prospect this question, you are asking them to be specific. They must now consciously decide on an answer to your question. They will give you an answer as they do not want you to think any less of them by not doing so.

This question also allows you to determine right away their interest level. If they provide an answer under 10, I would not devote too much time with them. Answer their question(s) and then move onto the next person. If they answer anything above a 5, then you have a legitimate chance to recruit this person. They may only need more information or want to consult with their spouse before joining your network marketing business.

2. No matter what figure they provide, ( If it’s a 10 and if that happens sign them up) you must then ask a follow-up question that may be more important than the first. This follow up question is placing the ball in your prospect’s court to be specific and it’s also telling the prospect you are willing to help.

The next question is: “What must I do, or what question can I answer, for you to become a 10?” Listen to what they have to say and then provide them with the information.

Once you have, ask them the first question again to see if their answer has changed. If it hasn’t, give them time before you follow-up again. Once you do follow up and their answer is still the same, ask them if they are ready to become a network marketer and if they are not, move onto the next person.

If after you ask them the first question again, and their answer has changed to a higher figure, then proceed to question 2 until they are ready to sign up or you are ready to move onto the next person.

I hope this information helps. If you like what you have read, please feel free to share it with others.

Wishing you great success.

Vince A. Giorno

3 Useful Network Marketing Tips

Hello Friends,

Yes, it is true that the World Wide Web is home to hundreds of websites, bloggers, and network marketing gurus who aren’t shy to give you the next best list of tips, that accordingly, will deliver to you the millions of dollars you so desire as profit. Yes, there are lots of these lists, that every time you key in the words “network marketing tips” in just about every search engine there is available in the net you’ll be given a never-ending list of sites containing the same contents, but are you really going to follow these tips?

Are these tips, as practicable as they are, useful to you? Is there a guarantee, that if you followed these tips to the letter, you’ll have instant web success? If the answers to these questions are a big NO then don’t waste your time looking up the next list of network marketing tips because, this article has three of them already. The following tips are considered useful, and ones that could be applied in just about every network marketing scenario.

The first tip has to do with you as the network marketer. It has to do with your goal. Why are you in the business? Is it because of the profitability that awaits you, or is it because you believe in the products that you are selling and would love to share it with others, your downline and customers to be specific?

As a network marketer, you have to conduct your business in the most legitimate of manners. You need not try convincing every other person that you meet to profit from your business. To have people purchase your products or become your downline, you need to tell them that what you have to offer is the “real deal”. This will also give your business free mileage through word-of-mouth advertising and testimonials from satisfied clients.

The second tip has to do with you, the network marketer. You should update your stock knowledge of the marketplace and consumer behavior. To be competitive, or to gain a competitive advantage over your closest business rival, you need to know what’s happening in your niche market and how your target customers are behaving. What is it that the niche market wants? What makes them tick?

The third, most useful tip, is obtaining membership in organizations that are relevant to your business. Make certain you get to know fellow marketers, including how their products and efforts at gaining more downlines are faring. It is also through these kinds of membership and relationships that you can gain updated knowledge of the marketplace situations and the market attitudes. You will, also, learn valuable lessons from the most seasoned, and successful network marketers in your field.

I hope you find this information useful in your journey.

Network Marketing Tips and Strategies – How to Use the GIST Technique to Increase Your Retail Sales

Everybody knows building a network marketing home based business isn’t easy, especially for those distributors who are just getting started. Everybody says its important to have many network marketing tips and strategies to effectively build a MLM business.

I just found out about an effective and easy way to retail products that will help a rep easily introduce their warm market to their products and services. Plus, this technique will help reps increase their retail sales and monthly volume. Best of all, this strategy is rejection free.

What is this skill that can create a very successful jumpstart to a newly started MLM business and ignite one that has been around for awhile? It’s called the G.I.S.T which represents greet, inquire, suggest, and thanks. I heard about this when on a call with a wonderful and successful MLM trainer and mentor, Mrs. Ruth Bradford. The following is an example of what this technique looks like.

When desiring to talk to your family and friends about your nutritional products, supplements, etc., a distributor can begin to use one of the two magical sequences of words as taught by Tom, Big Al, Schreiter:

-What are your 2 biggest health challenges?
-Would you like to do something about it?

Then, the rep can say to their prospect something like this:

“Hi ________. How are you doing? What are your two biggest health challenges? Would you like to do something about it?”

The person may talk about weight issues, tiredness, etc. Some may not even have a problem which is ok. If they do mention a health related problem such as tiredness and say they want to do something about it, then the rep can say:

“Well, you know I use this juice called _____________. It helps me to sleep like a baby and when I wake up in the morning I feel like I am 16 years old again but with better judgment. Well, thank you. I’ll get a bottle to you right away.”

That’s pretty simple isn’t it? Obviously, it’s just an idea of how the conversation could go and the technique can be tweaked to work for any MLM opportunity.

What’s even better is that there is no cause for objections that a business opportunity is being pushed by a distributor who is using pushy, aggressive, sales techniques. Two simple questions are asked and based on the response, a free sample can be given or the topic dropped.

If a person with a home based network marketing opportunity is looking for easy and fun network marketing tips and strategies to build their business, this is a easy one to use!