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Network Marketing Tip – 10 Things to Organize to Be More Successful in Your Business

A good network marketing tip is to be as organized as you can be.  Even if your business is new, establish the habit  now and when you become busy it will be one less thing to take care of. It will also prevent you from feeling scattered and frustrated when you have a lot to do every day.  Being organized often means having to rearrange your belongings, priorities and most importantly your habits.

The following are ten essential areas to be organized in a network marketer’s life: 

  1. Your physical space: This refers to the physical area where you will base your business. This might be a a designated home office area or just a multi activity space in your home. Wherever it is, it needs to be organized so you can conduct your business comfortably and efficiently.
  2. Your hard copy filing system: You  will collect a huge amount of hand written notes, print outs and other information material as your business progresses. Keeping this in order means you will know where to find what you are looking for when necessary.
  3. Your computer: This includes your computer filing system, email account and Internet usage. Our computers are used more and more these days to conduct business so it is vital to keep this functioning simply and effectively.
  4. Your time: Making sure you organize the time you have set aside for your business so you can get everything done you set out to achieve on a daily basis will support your business goals.
  5. Your prospects: Keeping track of who you speak to and what they tell you will help you to know where you are in the process with them. It is ideal to move people through the initial prospecting phase efficiently so that you know whether you need to spend more time with them or not.
  6. Your marketing: There are many ways to market and most times we use a number of these strategies. Keeping this side of your business in check is essential so you can evaluate what is working and what needs to be changed going forward.
  7. Your business budget: Knowing how much money you have to spend and what you are actually spending on the various parts of your business makes it easier to make decisions about whether you need to spend more or less to get the results you desire.
  8. Your meetings: Meetings can take up far too much time whether face to face or phone meetings. Keeping these organized according to an objective will mean you don’t waste time unnecessarily.
  9. Your team: Unless you can organize your team and their needs you will end up spending too much time being interrupted and not getting on with growing your personal business further.
  10. Your head space: While this may sound like an odd thing to keep organized it is probably the most important as when you de-clutter your mind and can think clearly you will be in better position to be productive.

1 Network Marketing Tip to Make a Difference in Your MLM Business

“I have information from a thousand sources telling me how to set up an MLM Internet business. What do I do?”

So many people are looking for the top network marketing companies and, maybe, the top network marketing tip in setting up their business on the Internet…

…but the frustration just builds up.

Finding a top MLM company with a great network marketing compensation plan is only a fraction of what you will need to be successful.

What do the the big boys do?

It is true that the most successful MLM people have many Internet strategies to generate endless leads and to produce substantial incomes.

They exploit the power of the Internet using Twitter, websites, YouTube, FaceBook, Ezine advertising, Pay-Per-Click, Articles, Viral Marketing and Blogs.

They are good at optimizing social media, and, literally, anything that enhances their presence on cyberspace radar.

But, how does the average person do all this?

As you know, there are hundreds of books and free information on how to set up these programs.

The problem is that they are all over the place and written without network marketing in mind. You could spend thousands of hours studying these methods and be pulled in a hundred different directions (this is what happened to me).

And all you want to do is exploit the power of the Internet to increase your business by attracting the right attention (leads!)

How much free time have you got in a day and how much patience do you have before you give up?

Learning how to use the Internet effectively should be based on replicating a comprehensive program that is already effective in increasing business.

However, regarding this advice, many people would say…

“Don’t tell me why I need to use the Internet. Don’t tell me what books I need to read. Don’t tell me to spend time figuring out how to set up a program. And, please, don’t tell me all I need is tenacity.”

One Network Marketing Tip:

Pick a system that will take you by the hand, on a video screen, telling you to “press this, now press that” in clear English for all of the system’s components as you just don’t have the time to mess around.

And while you are at it, ask to be shown how all of the strategies fit into a logical plan to exploit the Internet before you even think of starting.

And, incidentally, also ask if experienced Internet Marketers designed the system. It might have been slapped together by programmers who do not understand the MLM business model and who have never worked at Internet Marketing?

Make sure that your ladder is leaning against the right wall before you spend time and effort climbing it to the top.

3 of My Best Network Marketing Tips

I have been actively involved in the Network Marketing industry for 6 years but I have been around the industry for as long as I can remember, thanks to my mom’s involvement. There are many components that make a network marketing business run smoothly. Here are (3) that worked for my mom as she was building and have worked back then and still work in today’s world.


Stay Close To The Fire

Whether you are new to the industry or just new to your program, you need to stay in close communication with those individuals that have a vested interest in your success. I’m also talking about staying plugged in to the conference calls that have been designed to help you and your organization grow.

Staying close to the fire will allow you to leverage off of the energy of the leadership. Face it, you are going to have days where you are going to be in an emotional roller coaster and you will not be able to cast vision on your team. If you stay plugged in to the team your team can still learn and get inspired while you are down.


Use 3rd Party Tools

By using 3rd party tools to build your business, you’ll give yourself and everyone on your team an equal opportunity to succeed. 3rd party tools help you to build momentum because it is much easier then to do a bunch of face to face presentations and teach others how to do the same.

It takes about 30 minutes to present the products and the opportunity, it only takes a couple of minutes to hand out an audio CD and schedule a time to follow up (That’s leverage).


Leverage Using Technology

One of the smartest ways to build your MLM is to embrace change and technology. You can experience leverage to the fullest if you take the time to learn how to use online marketing and splice it to your off line efforts.

Imagine if you would be able to reach 20 to 100 new people everyday by using platforms like Social Media,Video,Audio,Blogs,Articles. In order to become someone of influence online you must enter the scene with the right mindset. You have to be willing to give of yourself and to become valuable to your online communities before your message is received and welcomed.

In the online world, it is easier to connect with people because you can go where the people that think just like you hang out at. Off line you must first prove people to find out if you and that person have anything in common. Use technology to leverage yourself and you’ll see an increase in the growth of your Network Marketing business.

There you have 3 priceless Network Marketing Tips to help you get to where you have set your sail.

God bless you and take care.