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Network Marketing Tip – Hard Work Will Not Bring Success, But What Will?

My best network marketing tip comes from two of my favorite business authors, Dan Kennedy and Robert Ringer, both write about the necessary action that must accompany the speeches and rallies that we encounter in network marketing.

Most people start to think that when Robert Kiyosaki says that hard work will not make you rich and that you must work smarter instead of harder that he means that you can just believe and embrace a new way of thinking and money will just start to show up.

I think Dan Kennedy stated it best in his book, No B.S. Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs, that you must take congruent action to achieve your goals. This is different from hard work. You can spend countless hours handing out business cards at the mall, going door to door, delivering your MLM company DVD’s to friends and cold calling genealogy lists (all of which is hard work) and not make a dime.

But you could learn a skill like the art of pay-per-click marketing and, once learned, only spend an hour or two a day managing your campaigns and make a fortune.

But the key still is that you must take action to learn pay-per-click marketing and you still must put that skill into action, even if it is only for 1 to 2 hours a day.

To be successful in network marketing, as in any business or endeavor, you must consistently take action that is congruent with your goal. If you wanted to become a champion boxer it would be silly to practice pitching a baseball all day. Even though practicing pitching would be hard work, it would not be an action congruent with your goal of becoming a champion boxer.

It is also silly to continue working hard at old school MLM building strategies that produce little or no results while there are much faster, easier, more productive, more profitable, and more comfortable ways of building a network marketing business available.

7 Network Marketing Tips To Expand Small Businesses

When a small business wants to expand their business to a broader demographic area, there are several ways in order to accomplish this. There are seven network marketing tips that every entrepreneur needs to know for growth to occur.

Number One: In order for a small business to make money, they need to spend money. If an owner saves all of the profits and does not reinvest any money back into the business, the business will never grow to its maximum potential in the market. An owner needs to figure out how much to save and how much they need to invest; otherwise they will not gain an upper advantage against their competition.

Number Two: One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners do is to sell the same product that every other company is selling when the market is already supersaturated with the product. In order to expand business, the owner needs to figure out if they can customize the product in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

Number Three: Always follow up on leads. Every lead is a potential sale, and by letting a lead go unanswered is not going to expand the business at a reasonable pace. Small businesses need to treat every lead like gold, because one happy customer can lead to many more satisfied customers.

Number Four: Create a website for the business. One of the fastest ways that small businesses get noticed is through online searches. The more traffic that the website can get means more potential customers, and more growth. Advertising online is a cheap and effective way to quickly get the business name out to potential customers. The more places a small business can be found in will result in more leads, and a faster expansion of their business.

Number Five: Small business owners need to be on social networking sites in order to expand their businesses adequately. The technology generation is the one generation that will be solely using the internet to purchase products, as well as where to find certain items that they want or need. By using social networking sites for businesses, they will increase the flow to the website, as well as bring in more people from different demographic areas.

Number Six: The location of any small business is crucial when an owner wants to expand. If the business requires a lot of foot traffic, but is currently located where the only traffic it receives are vehicles passing by, then the owner should start looking at other places in order to increase foot traffic.

Number Seven: Stay up to date on what products are entering the market. Identify what products are selling well, as well as the ones that are not. If a small business owner does not change with the market, the business will eventually fail. Being a business owner means taking risks and always keeping up to date on new trends.

If an owner wants to expand their business, they need to use the seven marketing tips to achieve success.

If You Knew These 5 Network Marketing Tips, You Would Be a Billionaire

Network marketing is one of the industries joined by very many people on a daily basis and it is also one of the businesses majorities of people quit on a daily basis. This is not an accident; it is because some people don’t know the tips and tricks necessary to build the business.

The following are the 5 network marketing tips to help you become a billionaire in the business

# Focus on building the business the promotion will come

Very many network marketing business builders focus on promotion and forget that apart from recognition there is nothing that is in promotion. As a business builder, you have to focus on the growth of you business not on the level where you are in the business.

Building the business leads to automatic shift to the next level in the business and the main thing that will help you achieve this is recruiting. When you recruit people, the organization grow and more products move which leads to promotion in the business.

# Work on your leadership skills

Unless you become a leader, you will never be a super star in network marketing because you have downlines in your organization who look up to you for support. The first thing you have to work on is the attitude issue and once you work on it, you will be able to become a good leaser.

To influence downlines to build a business you must have a positive attitude and on addition to this you must be able to motivate and inspire downlines to take more action for the business to grow.

# Sell products online to earn profits on a daily basis to facilitate the business

Network marketing is a business and it requires money to run very well. The best way to get this money is through daily selling. The beauty about selling online is that the prospects are endless, you can get as many as you want provided you know how to position yourself online in the right way.

Some distributors get their money they earn from other businesses and from their jobs and use it to run their network marketing businesses which is wrong. A business has to make its own money to facilitate it otherwise you will quit if you continuously get money from a job or another business to facilitate your MLM franchise.

Selling online tactics

+ Put your products in affiliate programs to get other people sell for you.
+ Maximize classified ads.
+ Use pay per click system to sell.
+ Write reviews of the products you are selling.

# Help your downlines understand the compensation plan they will never quit

The reason some of our downlines quit the business is because they do not understand it so, they try to look for the so called easy make money opportunities. It is the role of the upline to help a downline know how to use a compensation plan to make the money from the company, but it is so unfortunate that some uplines do not help out their downlines.

Have training for your downlines if you are to retain them in the business for their life time. Downlines who have knowledge about the business never quit because they develop a strong positive attitude as well as leadership skills necessary for the growth of the business.

# Recognize your downlines for all efforts they put in the business

Recognition is one thing that is very essential in the process of building the business. When downlines are recognized, they tend to work hard to make their uplines happy and in the process of doing so their businesses grow to another level.

You do not have to wait for big achievement to recognize a downline but look at the small things he/she does like prospecting and others and talk about it in a positive way.

Final note

This is a people business and building it successfully calls for people skills. To become a super star in the industry you have to put more emphasis on very many people skills related tactics like communication, inspiration and others.