3 Crucial Network Marketing Tips – Can Marketing Be 100% Automated?

You’re scouring the internet for a network marketing business opportunity. It’s like one big ball of confusion. I can compare trying to find the right network marketing business opportunity on the internet, much like a blurry dream, walking aimlessly down a long lonely road, with a bunch of flashy bill boards trying to get your attention.

“Join My Business, you’ll make a Gazillion dollars!” You scratch your head, and continue wandering. “Just Drive Traffic, and we’ll Close your sales for you!”, hmmm that sounds pretty tempting, but does it really work that way?

You continue to click, click, click yourself into oblivion and a sea of confusion. Which way do I go????

Hey, been there, done that. The question you should be asking yourself is, can marketing truly be 100% Automated? Is it truly something as simple as just sending traffic to my replicated site, and having my sales closed for me?

In relation to this, I must tell a quick little story. In my higher ticket, 2 tier affiliate bilingual program, there was a guy, who shall remain nameless. This guy bought into the opportunity because part of the claim was that all you had to do was drive traffic and the professional closers would close the sales for you. So Mr X went on to buy a bunch of “JUNK” traffic, from these traffic exchange places, and send random traffic to his replicated website.

Do I have to tell you how this went?

Needless to say, the guy was boiling mad and labeled the whole opportunity as a scam because he was naive enough to really think that the marketing process is fully automated. I was sitting at the sidelines watching him post disgruntled messages of hate and feelings of betrayal by the company because he couldn’t land a sale, sending blind traffic to a replicated website where the ticket item was over $1200.

What is the lesson to be learned from Mr. X?

Marketing Systems can be fully automated but Marketing itself can’t be.

Well, what’s the difference you ask?

Simply put, a marketing system is what funnels people through, and then you backend other products, services or your main opportunity to them. While they are “travelling” through the marketing funnel, you are establishing and building relationships while also generating front end income through the sale of solution based products. Generally speaking, they will be products that teach people how to market and how to drive traffic to their sites.

This system can be automated simply because you are not necessarily building a team with the people who go through this funnel. This systems purpose is to

A. Generate front end income for the purpose of being able to continue to advertise, and

B. To provide training materials to people within or outside of your primary business.

If the outcome is that they eventually join your business, that’s just icing on the cake!

When you are building a Team, you cannot expect to simply drive traffic to a website, have people closed, and never speak to them again. You must develop a relationship with them if you want to develop synergy within the team, and also inspire them to continue building the business. Many teams suffer from attrition, simply because there is no emotional connection in the team. If there is no emotional connection, people are more likely to quit.

So here are 3 Crucial Network Marketing Tips: Things you should never automate in your business.

1. Lead Generation: You should be generating your own leads. Not doing this will multiply your workload. Buying leads is a shot in the dark. Make sure you have control of lead generation, period.

2. Prospecting: How you interact with your prospects will build the foundation of trust between you and your team. This is something you must nurture and grow yourself. Handing this off to someone else, could prove detrimental to the growth of your organization. (Trust me, I made this mistake once. You are essentially giving your power away to someone else, and then your team will either drop off, or roll up to them)

3. Your Marketing Training: As tempting as it is to outsource marketing training, make sure you do this yourself. You want to create that bond in your team, you want to be the expert, you want to be seen as the leader and you want to develop the tight knit relationships needed to hold your team together. Do NOT let anyone else do this. (Again, been there done that, my downline started to fall apart) TRAIN YOUR team yourself!!

Remember these things and don’t let anyone brainwash you into believing that they can give you a quick fix to growing your business. In the long run, it will backfire and you jeopardize the growth of your team.