MLM Network Marketing Tips – How Come This Kid is So Darn Smart?

One of my favorite MLM network marketing tips comes from Scott Ginsburg at You will see dozens and dozens and dozens of articles. Kid’s a darned good writer.

It annoys me no end that Scott is just 25 years old. Heck, when I was 25 years old, Scott’s parents were still little kids. How can someone so young know so much? Life isn’t fair!

But that’s life.

One thing that totally amazes me about Scott is that he knows to boil his entire business down to one word.

A reporter at the New York Times did a Google search for this word and found Scott’s website at the top of the list. So the reporter called Scott, interviewed him, and this little smart alec kid’s website income went crazy because he was featured in a front-page article in the New York Times!

What would THAT kind of free publicity be worth to YOU?

And it all happened because Scott boiled his entire business down to one simple word:


OK, OK, I’m jealous. So sue me. I only wish I was half as smart back when I was twice as old as Scott.

Anyway … this is a wonderful exercise for your MLM business. Think about every aspect of your business. Then describe it all in a single sentence. OK … now condense that. What would be the single WORD that describes your business? What ONE word would you use to brand yourself? If you have difficulty, then brainstorm with your team what they think is that one simple word that sums up what makes you different.

That word “approachability” is Scott’s guide 24/7.

Owning that word allows him to differentiate himself from every other businessperson on the planet.

Every decision Scott makes gets measured against that word he owns. Anything that doesn’t fall into the “approachability” category is instantly discarded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a one-word guide in YOUR network marketing business that allowed you to make decisions quickly, no stress or strain?

Think about everything you do, and how you can put your ONE word into it all. Boy – won’t YOU be focused!

So one of the best MLM network marketing tips for you is, the longer you don’t have a word to focus on, the better the chance your clients or customers will come up with their own word to describe you … one that you probably wouldn’t like too much.

Avoid that pain. Bite the bullet. Go to work.

Find YOUR word