Network Marketing Tip – How to Spend Time With Yourself and Boost Your Network Marketing Success

I’m all for scheduling my working days by time and to the hour. For me this just works better than anything else I have tried. I use the calendar feature in my email account complete with reminders that pop up in advance to warn me that I need to finish off one activity and get ready to start another.  I get things done this way. A schedule also means I can get rid of those intimidating and ridiculously long “To do” lists. I know how long it takes to complete most activities and using a schedule helps me to organize my time realistically and more efficiently.

There’s just one problem though. One can become so focused on work that you can forget to spend time on the most important activity – time with yourself.  What’s the solution?  Follow this network marketing tip and you’ll soon be valuing yourself as you should: Add yourself to your schedule in advance.

Decide on a time every day that will be for you to spend with yourself on your own. I schedule all my next day’s activities last thing before I finish work for the day but you could even do this at the start of each new week.

You do this because you value your health and well being. You do it because you you are important enough to be part of your schedule. When you spend time with yourself, away from every day tasks you recharge your batteries. This is your time to do whatever you please, free from guilt or pressure. You could do some personal reading, take a bath or a have swim, get some exercise, watch your favorite TV program or even play with a pet. This does not only have to be relaxation time. You could also develop yourself as a person, work on your talents or improve yourself as a professional.

Make your daily or weekly time allotment for yourself non negotiable. Don’t break these appointments with yourself but be flexible with moving them around if necessary.