Network Marketing Tip: Stop Focusing on the Wrong Product!

Whether you are thinking about network marketing, brand new to network marketing or you have been in the industry for some time now chances are your up line has given you a terrific network marketing tip… “Know your Product.” But the big problem here is 90% of people in this industry have no clue about what is their ACTUAL product!

Your product is not the cell phone service, legal package or vacation deal your company provides, nor is it the energy drink, super juice or lotion your company manufactures. Regardless of what network marketing company you have chosen as your vehicle to obtain an extra $500/mo, pay down debt or earn your financial freedom, one thing remains constant… Your product is PEOPLE! So it doesn’t matter if your product is the best thing since the creation of oxygen, until you understand people you will limit your success.

You see, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. So bombarding them with phone calls and emails about your opportunity and how it has the “best compensation plan on the planet”, is a “product that people already purchase everyday”, or your company is “debt free and looking to expand…” is a guaranteed way to have your prospect running for cover, dodging your phone calls and turning out the lights and peeping through their blinds when you ring the doorbell.

So how do you understand people? Well, it’s quite simple… just LISTEN to them. Ask questions about them. Find out what they are interested in, whether they are happy with their job, their financial situation, the amount of time they have for leisure activities. Find out what they like to do. Do they like to travel, go to the movies and/or spend time with the kids? Ask them to elaborate (i.e., So how long have you had a desire to travel, What types of places would you like to visit, what types of activities would you do with the kids if you had more time?).

Hey, I’m sure you have a great product, service and/or opportunity or else you probably would not have gotten involved in your company. But everyone does not want to start a business for the exact same reasons you did. There is a reason we are born with 2 ears and one mouth, so let’s be sure to listen twice as much as we talk. If you consistently follow this network marketing tip you will allow your prospect to tell you exactly why he or she should become your customer or your business partner. And once you develop duplication by teaching this to your team, your business will grow exponentially.