Four Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed success in network marketing can be achieved if you follow the tips below. The success of every top earner can be attributed to network marketing training. In order to grow, you must develop. In order to lead, you must follow. In network marketing, just like any business, our daily actions reveal what direction our business is headed in.

When people get involved with network marketing, they are unsure of how they are going to build their business. So they sign up, talk to a few people, then do nothing. Unfortunately, there are sponsors who sign up reps then disappear. Although it is not your sponsor’s job to build your business, your sponsor is supposed to assist you on how. Personally speaking, I haven’t heard from my sponsor in months. That’s okay because I don’t need him. I got this covered. If your sponsor split on you and won’t return your calls, don’t worry. I got you covered also.

Exposure is key.

Let’s get right into this. I don’t want to turn this into a sponsor bashing article. That’s not what this business is about. So tip number one is exposure is key. In order to get sales for your products and services, you need to expose your business to as many people as possible. When you have a conversation with someone for an extended period of time, flip the discussion to your business or products and give out samples. When you send or reply to an email, add your link to your website/blog under your name. Direct sales is a numbers game. You have to go through the numbers to achieve a desired result. Consider making videos, and paid advertisement such as pay per click.

Don’t Quit.

Tip number two is don’t quit. Rome wasn’t created in a day so neither will your business. People will tell you no, that’s a scam. Do not let people discourage you. If you quit, you automatically reduce your chances for success to zero. When you feel like quitting, go back to your why for starting the business. What was it that attracted you to the industry? Was it time or financial freedom? Your why makes the difference in helping you to move forward. In addition, quitting means you’re not strong. So don’t quit, talk to someone.

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t make excuses your ally. How many times did someone tell you I would like to do but… or I don’t have the time or money. Successful people find a way to get things done. Successful people make examples not excuses. Instead of making excuses, ask yourself, what is the real reason I’m not taking action? When you make excuses, the only one you’re cheating is you.

Motivate yourself.

Motivational books and seminars are great. I am a student of both. However, if you can’t motivate yourself, your chances for success are minimal. Genuine motivation must first come from within. If you can’t motivate yourself, you’ll have a hard time motivating others. Motivate yourself and you will do more than you’ve ever done. You can do this! In conclusion, these are network marketing tips for guaranteed success. They are tried and true. There is information all over the internet to help you succeed. You have to apply what you learn consistently. Become proactive and creative. To get on the right path for guaranteed success, visit the resources below.

New Age Network Marketing Tips

Everything changes with the times

What you may have learned 10 years ago is not necessarily applicable today, in almost any field, even network marketing. So, you need to understand that you can really succeed in network marketing, all you have to do is use the latest and most effective ways to grow your networking business.

So, here are the latest methods that you can adopt to ensure that you succeed with your network marketing venture…

Tip # 1: An auto-responder is a must. It is a must for you to have an auto-responder if you want to succeed at your networking business. An auto-responder is the lifeblood of your networking business as it helps you promote your business, even when you are not at your PC.

When you have an auto-responder you can keep sending messages and offers to your prospects and get them really interested in signing up for your networking opportunity. Also, when you have an auto-responder, you can send regular messages to the people who have joined up with your networking opportunity, even though you may be out shopping or watching a movie or your favorite game.

Tip # 2: Build Relationships. Get one fact very clear, success in network marketing lies in you building relationships with people – lots of relationships with lots of people. Simply put, if you do not build great relationships with a good number of people, you just will not be able to succeed at networking.

So, if you want your network marketing venture to be a success, you have to make sure that you devote your efforts, your energy and your time, to building relationships with thousands of people.

Tip # 3: Learn the art of lead generation. Leads are vital for the success of any business. The best way to get leads is by generating the leads all on your own. This is because in this way you know for sure that the lead is interested in what you have to offer.

Unlike the case where you may buy leads, you do not know if these leads are going to be interested in what you have to offer. So, it is best that you start capturing your own leads. And to do so, you would have to learn all the techniques that are used to capture leads.

Tip # 4: Set up a marketing campaign. Getting leads is not the end of the story. You must set up your marketing campaign so that you can control the amount and the type of information that these leads will get. In this way you would be able to build a relationship with your leads.

Tip # 5: Understand your target audience. What if you liked to play golf and someone is trying to get you to buy a bat? Would that work for you? Of course not and in fact it is quite likely that you would get upset with the person and never buy anything from that individual. Thus, it is very important that you understand the needs of your audience and cater to them accordingly.

So there you go, you now have the latest Network Marketing Tips to help you succeed.

Network Marketing Tips: Beware of the Time Stealers

There is a very common piece of advice that is provided to all network marketers when they first enter into this industry. This network marketing tip is embedded into the psyche of all of us and we in turn try to instill this advice to the network marketers on our team. This tip is to beware of negative people!

There is so much emphasis that is placed on having network marketers having the proper mindset. Part of this proper mindset is to steer clear of the negative affect that certain people will have on your confidence. This network marketing tip is extremely important and vital to the success of your organization and network marketing career.

There is however, another network marketing tip that I don’t think enough focus is placed upon. It may be somewhat easy to stay away from negative people and negative influences as they are very easy to spot. They are not afraid of telling you exactly how they feel and will say that to your face.

I feel that there are other people whom you should stay away from or at least limit your contact with, who are not so easy to spot. Those people are your “time stealers”.

As the great Jim Rohn once said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

I find this quote invaluable! You will never get back the time you wasted. These time stealer’s to which I referred, can and will suck every bit of your time. They may not do so on purpose or with any conscious malice, but nonetheless, the damage they may cause to your business and your mindset could be irreparable.

So what do I mean by “time stealer’s”? These individuals are the ones who are doing nothing or close to nothing with their business, but lead you to believe that they are on the verge of a break trough. They do not regularly talk to people, attend meetings or training, they do not attend large corporate events, and do not sell enough products or services. But, every once in a while, they will suck you into believing in them and that they are ready to grow their business.

Every time they lead you to believe that they are ready for success, you in turn spend time with them trying to assist or guide them. Suddenly and unexpectedly, they revert back to their original mind set and attitude of doing nothing. You then look back and realize that you spent hours if not days with them. This situation can occur several times unless you put a stop to it.

Let me give you an example. I had one member of my team who assured me that she was ready to start growing her business once her retail store had closed. As she put it, she will at that time have enough free time on her hands to devote to her network marketing business.

Well, her business closed but she did nothing. I spent countless phone calls, emails, text messages advising her of upcoming events and trying to set up a game plan, but there was no feedback. But, she did over the course of a few months lead me to believe that she was ready by attending a couple of training sessions. Unfortunately after each one, nothing further was accomplished on her part.

I wanted so bad for her to succeed that I spent too much time with her and at times seemingly trying to convince her to do the business. Dealing with her became such a drain on me, both physically and mentally that I had to end the business relationship.

So, what do you have to do when you encounter a situation like this. At a certain point, you will come to realize that the person is stringing you along or rather stringing themselves along. When that time arises, you have to tell yourself that you will not devote anymore time to that person unless they actively become fully involved in their network marketing business.

You will also have to explain your position to them. There is no need to be harsh or rude. Simply advise them that until they are ready to routinely devote 6-10 hours a week to their network marketing business, you can’t be there to help. You must possess a zero tolerance.

Remember though, that these people may be your friends or family members. You do not want to tarnish your personal relationship with them. Tell them that you have no issues with spending time with them on a personal level, but you will not discuss the business until they are ready.

I hope that you do not have many of these “time stealer’s” on your team. But believe me, if you do, please stop working with them or it could very well mean the end of your network marketing career.

Wishing you all the success in the world!

Vince A. Giorno
(416) 937-1335